800 People Detained In Belarus For Violating Public Order— Ministry

No fewer than 800 people has been  detained across Belarus for various
public-order violations during the constitutional referendum, the
Belarusian Interior Ministry said on Monday.

On Sunday, 65.16 per cent of those who cast their votes in the
referendum supported the constitutional amendments and 10.07 per cent
voted against it.

“Around 800 people were detained in the country for various
public-order violations.

“The legal assessment of their actions is underway now, some of them
had already been put to justice earlier for similar violations,” the
ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also launched criminal cases on illegal horn beeping,
unauthorised demonstrations and instigating actions  and violating
public order.

The constitutional amendments suggest that one and the same person can
be elected as president not more than two terms.

The newly created All-Belarusian National Assembly is expected to
become the country’s highest representative body, which will be
approving domestic and foreign policies, military doctrines and
national security concepts.

The assembly will be able to remove the president for systematic and
flagrant violation of the constitution, for treason or some other
serious crimes.

The decision taken at the referendum will come into force 10 days
after the official publication of the results.

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