Rivers State Exemplary Educational Standard Earns High Acclaim

Rivers state

The Rivers state government has received commendations for its commitment to maintaining exceptional ethical and educational standards in primary and secondary schools.

The Rivers state government has garnered widespread recognition for its unwavering dedication to upholding exemplary ethical and educational standards in both primary and secondary schools.

This commendation resonated following the recent inauguration of the National Proprietor-Parent-Teacher Association (PPTA) by the esteemed Eggheads group of schools in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Renowned educator Prof Ezekiel Edem Williams, Director of Eggheads International School, commended the state’s outstanding educational framework and its comprehensive curriculum that effectively equips pupils and students to overcome future academic challenges.

The Significance of the National Proprietor-Parent-Teacher Association

In a discussion with journalists during the momentous event, Prof Ezekiel Edem Williams highlighted the fundamental importance of the National Proprietor-Parent-Teacher Association.

This association aims to foster a harmonious synergy between proprietors, parents, and teachers, ensuring that pupils and students receive comprehensive training.

Recognizing that government schools alone cannot adequately cater to all educational needs, Prof Williams emphasized the crucial role played by private schools in supplementing the educational landscape.

Tracing the origins of the Parent-Teacher Association back to 1897 when it was known as the National Congress for Mothers, Prof Williams underscored the association’s historical commitment to collaborating with public school teachers.

This collaboration was geared towards facilitating students’ educational success and well-being.

However, with the advent of private schools, Prof Williams argued that it is vital to establish a platform for effective partnership between school owners, parents, and teachers.

He emphasized that this union aims to foster a robust training ground and mitigate the risks associated with inadequately prepared pupils and students.

Prof Williams further condemned the deplorable practice of some schools that facilitate and endorse examination malpractice.

At Eggheads International School, a zero-tolerance policy against examination malpractice is upheld, ensuring a commitment to genuine academic achievement.

He lamented the loss of the true essence of education when schools resort to such unethical practices, emphasizing the need for a collective resolve to combat this detrimental trend.

The Proposal For Unbonding Science Subjects

Addressing a suggestion put forth by a parent advocating for the separation of science subjects from JSS1, Prof Williams expressed reservations about the proposal.

He highlighted the exceptional quality of the school curriculum in Rivers state, deeming it one of the best in Nigeria with an impressively high academic standard.

Thus, he argued that separating science subjects at an earlier stage may not be in the best interest of the students. The existing curriculum ensures comprehensive development and equips students for future career paths.

Government Intervention And Essential School Qualities

Regarding the state government’s intervention in secondary and primary schools, particularly with the proliferation of private institutions, Prof Williams stressed the need for effective policy formation that enables schools to flourish.

He further emphasized the significance of ensuring teacher qualifications, fostering conducive learning environments, and prioritizing security.

According to him, schools lacking these essential qualities should not be permitted to operate. He advocated for periodic inspections conducted by the appropriate authorities to ensure adherence to these standards.

Beloveth Edem Williams, the school’s administrator, expressed profound gratitude to the teachers and parents for their invaluable contributions to the school’s success story.

Beloveth Edem Williams, the school’s administrator, expressed profound gratitude to the teachers and parents for their invaluable contributions to the school’s success story. She attributed the collaborative efforts of these stakeholders to the school’s notable achievements, including winning silver medals in prestigious competitions such as the Ultimate African Mathematics Olympiad and the National English Olympiad.

This remarkable feat serves as a testament to the moral and ethical values instilled in the students and their commitment to academic excellence.

The Importance Of Qualified Teachers

Beloveth Edem Williams emphasized the critical role of qualified teachers in maintaining high educational standards and fostering optimal student performance. She cautioned against the employment of unqualified teachers, highlighting the adverse consequences it could have on the overall quality of education.

Recognizing that teachers’ qualifications directly impact the students’ learning experience, she underscored the significance of recruiting and retaining highly skilled educators.

Parents’ Commitment To Ethical Education

Several parents shared their delight with our correspondent, expressing appreciation for the moral and ethical standards instilled in their children.

They pledged to resist any form of temptation associated with examination malpractice, advocating for values such as hard work, commitment, and perseverance to be upheld in the pursuit of academic excellence.

These parents wholeheartedly support the efforts of the educational institutions and remain actively involved in their children’s education.

“The Aid Experience from Parent to Child”

The pinnacle of the event was a thought-provoking seminar presentation titled “The Aid Experience from Parent to Child,” delivered by Anugua Meshale. The seminar delved into the significance of parental guidance and support in nurturing children’s academic growth and overall development. Attendees gained valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance the parent-child relationship and facilitate educational success.

The Rivers state government’s commendable commitment to upholding high ethical and educational standards in primary and secondary schools has earned widespread recognition.

Through the establishment of the National Proprietor-Parent-Teacher Association, the government seeks to foster collaborative partnerships among proprietors, parents, and teachers to provide a comprehensive education for students.

Experts like Prof Ezekiel Edem Williams emphasize the need for partnerships, the elimination of examination malpractice, and the importance of qualified teachers.

With dedicated stakeholders and a focus on moral values, Rivers state continues to pave the way for academic excellence and the holistic development of its students.

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