Presidential Candidate Of The Labour Party, Peter Obi Shared His Profound Sadness Over Air Force Helicopter Ambush

By Tambaya Julius

In light of recent events, Dr. Peter Obi, the esteemed Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party (LP) during the 2023 elections, has shared his profound sadness over the tragic incident involving an ill-fated Air Force helicopter and a devastating ambush that claimed the lives of 36 courageous soldiers in Niger on a fateful Monday morning.

Expressing his heartfelt sentiments, Obi conveyed his emotions through a poignant statement he shared on his official X handle (formerly known as Twitter) on the following Friday.

The Nigerian Air Force, in a somber announcement, disclosed the unfortunate crash of an MI-171 Helicopter engaged in a mission of casualty evacuation in Niger State.

Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Air Force, revealed that the aircraft met its tragic end in Chukuba Village, Niger.

Regrettably, the exact cause of this tragic air mishap remains unknown, further shrouding the incident in distressing uncertainty.

In the face of this sorrowful incident, Obi expressed deep sadness and disheartenment.

His concerns, however, extend beyond this tragic event. He underlined the prevailing and deplorable state of insecurity that has cast a shadow over numerous regions within the nation.

This state of insecurity, he emphasizes, exacts a heavy toll on both human lives and valuable property, dealing a severe blow to the nation’s economy.

With profound sympathy, Obi extended his heartfelt condolences to the grieving families of the valiant soldiers who paid the ultimate price in service to their beloved homeland.

The unceasing loss of lives of both military personnel and fellow citizens to the ravages of insecurity, he noted, is a source of great pain and revulsion.

Recognizing the urgent need for unity, he called upon the people to unite in their resolve to overcome the menacing threat of insecurity.

He firmly articulated that without quelling this insidious monster, the nation’s journey towards development would remain painfully stagnant.

Amidst his expression of condolences, Obi conveyed his admiration for the military agencies that have stood steadfast in the face of such challenges.

He urged these agencies not to be discouraged by the obstacles they encounter, but to view them as inevitable milestones on the path towards achieving a secure and harmonious nation for all citizens.

In his own words, “I commiserate with our military agencies whose personnel have continued to pay the supreme price, for peace and security in our nation.

I want you to remain courageous and resilient in the fight.

I will also like to encourage a full-scale investigation to be carried out to unravel the cause of the helicopter crash as a way of preventing future occurrences.”

Reiterating his unwavering commitment to the cause, the former Anambra governor affirmed his dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all Nigerians.

To him, addressing the issue of insecurity remains the cornerstone of his vision for a rejuvenated Nigeria, poised for enduring peace and remarkable progress.

In closing, he offered heartfelt prayers, seeking divine solace for the departed souls, comfort for their bereaved families, and solace for the entire nation as it grapples with this tremendous loss.

As we collectively navigate these turbulent times, the echoes of Dr. Peter Obi’s resolute commitment to a safer and more secure Nigeria continue to reverberate, serving as a beacon of hope amidst the challenges that lie ahead.

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