The Management of Federal Housing Authority has warned the members of the general public about the recent activities of land grabbers in the Authority’s Estate’s in Apo/Guzape, Gwarinpa and Lugbe; Abuja Federal Capital Territory.

In a caveat Emptor published in the Daily Trust newspaper today, 3rd April, 2023, the Authority drew the attention of the public to the activities of a syndicate, which it says has engaged in the distortion of her layouts, by taking unsuspecting members of the public to lands where they place fake beacons, in the pretense of giving them FHA land allocations, thereby defrauding them.

Giving a graphic way the syndicate operates, part of the caveat reads: ” the syndicate’s mode of operation is to distort the Authority’s layout, by placing fake beacons on the land, taking innocent members of the public to such places, with the pretext of giving then FHA land allocations, thereby defrauding them”.

Warning the public about the imposters, the caveat reads:

1. That members of the public should refrain from transacting any business with such persons and other third parties on any matter relating to Federal Housing Authority.

2. That one Mr. Abdullahi M (popularly known as ELEPHANT) is not an agent or partner of FHA and has not been appointed to deal on behalf of the Authority with respect to any parcel of land belonging to FHA.

3. That the Authority does not relate with agents or third parties in any of its transactions.

4. That any claims by anyone being appointed as an agent by the Authority is false and should be disregarded.

5. That members of the public should be mindful of purported letters of allocation of the Authority’s lands, with the signature of a former Managing Director; Arc. Terver Gemade, appended by the syndicate, purportedly headed by this ABDULLAHI. M (A.K.A. ELEPHANT), with which members of the public are been defrauded.

6. All allocations purportedly done by this syndicate are fake as such do not exist in the Data Bank of the Authority.

7. That members of the public should contact the Nigeria Police Force or any other Law enforcement agency in case there are reasons to suspect any dastardly or unwholesome transactions or activities in any of Federal Housing Authority’s estates all over the country.

8. That all the Authority’s transactions on land and houses must be channelled through the Office of the Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Authority.

That all transactions in our zones must be through the Zonal Managers of the Authority.

Flowing from the above, the Authority consequently advised the general public to disregard the fraudulent claims of the impostors , warning that any transaction in disregard of the caveat is at the risk of the persons transacting.

The Authority went on to describe the syndicate as dangerous, who operate with foreigners, with all the attributes of terrorists.

The group in defiance of the FHA Development Control Teams, work on Sundays , threatening both staff of the Authority and bona-fide land owners.

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