CSO”s Caution Politicians Against Politicizing Fuel Subsidy Removal

The Citizens Voice Against Corruption (CIVAC) a platform of numerous civil society organizations and professional bodies has called on political leaders and trade union groups to be cautious in their comments about fuel subsidy removal to avoid politicizing the matter or compromising the peace and stability of the country.

This was contained in a press statement
Signed by the national coordinator of the group Comrade Abdulrazaq Alkali and made available to our source.

The group noted that, removing the fuel subsidy is one of other bold step in tackling massive corruptions, and fraud that has been taken place in the sector over the decades.

The statement noted that, it is evidently that, the billion of Naira spend on the subsidy was not justified, it’s benefits was very futile, while the adverse consequences of the burden was huge to the national economy and development.

“In view of that, we declare our support for fuel subsidy removal and condemn in strongest terms the hypocrisy of some Nigeria’s political figures, such as major candidates in the last presidential election for being double face on the matter of critical national interest”.

” We also urge Nigerians not to partake in any planned strike or demonstration against the removal . The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) should also consider national interest first and not be allowed to be used by those who are making billions of Naira from the subsidy at the detriment of Nigerians”

” The leaders of NLC and TUC should rise up to their duties and engaged federal government on finding sustainable solution to the fuel supply, particularly the need for revamping our three national refineries (in Kaduna, Warri and Port-Harcourt) to resume productions to their full capacity”.

“Revamping our refinaries will make the product available and cheaper without any subsidy,, equally it will provide more jobs opportunities and enhance national economy in a sustainable way” the statement declared.

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