The Shocking Wave Of Attacks: Takum, Ussa, And Yangtu Communities Struggle For Peace

By Tambaya Julius

In a tragic series of events, more than a hundred lives have been mercilessly taken in the span of a year across the Takum, Ussa, and Yangtu communities of Taraba State.

The assailants, allegedly identified as herders, have left behind a trail of destruction, decimating not only lives but also the hopes of these peaceful villages.

Emmanuel Ukwen, the President General of Kuteb World Wide, voiced his distress over the relentless attacks on the Kuteb Communities of Takum, Ussa, and Yangtu.

The communities’ tranquility has been shattered by these ruthless assaults, resulting in the heart-wrenching loss of innocent lives and the devastation of property worth millions of naira.

The magnitude of this crisis has intensified in recent months, with a staggering death toll of over a hundred individuals within a twelve-month period.

The most recent incident, which occurred on a fateful Tuesday, claimed the lives of three individuals from these communities, slaughtered mercilessly by the herders.

The harrowing tale of bloodshed began when a suspected herder ventured onto the farmland of a local resident.

An altercation ensued when the resident confronted the herder, leading to a fatal clash.

Tragically, the resident lost his life while being transported to the hospital.

This gruesome incident triggered a chain reaction of violence, as the herders began launching attacks on one village after another.

As the horrifying saga continues, an alarming 59 villages have fallen victim to these brutal attacks.

The very fabric of these communities is being torn apart, and the despair is palpable.

Villages like Tati, Fawen, Simta, Bassan, Muji 1, Muji 2, Tukog, Kumbo, Ucha, Nyido, and more have been plunged into darkness by the heavy hand of aggression.

Lives have been lost, homes reduced to ashes, and families shattered in the wake of these attacks.

Mbiya 1, Mbiya 2, Tamiya, Rikumcwo, and others have also suffered the same fate, leaving a trail of pain and loss.

Survivors recount the horrors that unfold under the cover of night. Gunmen, armed with deadly weapons, descend upon the villages in alarming numbers, leaving the residents defenseless.

Despite the presence of an army barracks in Takum, the scale of the attacks has overwhelmed security forces.

Even the once-sturdy IDP camps have been disrupted, leaving a void of safety in their wake.

In the midst of this chaos, the Police Public Relations Officer, Usman Abdullahi, assures that the police remain committed to addressing the security challenge.

Swift action is being taken, with officers mobilized to the affected areas. Abdullahi clarifies that the situation is under control, dispelling any notion of the police being overwhelmed.

In the Kunkwa village of Yangtu Special Development Area, tragedy struck once more.

Three lives were extinguished as Rimamskep Atenji, Andekwab Ashasim, and ElKannah Akyara were mercilessly killed by bandits while on their way to the farm.

This grim event serves as a chilling reminder of the relentless nature of these attacks.

Amidst the despair and sorrow, the people of Takum, Ussa, and Yangtu raise their voices in unity.

Stakeholders, who prefer to remain anonymous, implore the Federal Government to step up its efforts.

The deployment of additional troops is urgently needed to quell the violence and restore a sense of lasting peace to these embattled communities.

As the sun sets on another day, the struggle for survival and peace continues in Takum, Ussa, and Yangtu.

The lives lost and the devastation wrought stand as a solemn testament to the resilience of these communities in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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