Students Warn OOU Varsity’s Management to Respect SUG’s Constitution

…Warns Waliyu to Stop Parading Himself as Head of Judicial Council

The Olabisi Onabanjo University Students’ Union has urged the school management to respect and regard the Students’ Union Government’s Constitution, especially when it concerns matters of urgency for the students.

The Union also emphasized that the management should remain neutral, apolitical, and approachable by all, without fear of bias.

It should be noted that there has been a dissolution and the reconstitution of the Independent Electoral Commission (ECO) and the Petition Electoral Commission (PECO).

Furthermore, the leaders of the senate have remained silent on the matter, as they believe it should be addressed justly and constitutionally as intellectuals.

Recently, various circulars have been signed by a student of the University, Waliyu Temitope Azeez, who claims to be the head of the judicial council for the union.

However, in a joint statement signed by Senate President Sen. Adetunji Pelumi, Deputy Senate President Adeoye Enoch, Clerk Adekunle Adeshina, and Chief Whip Ademiluwa Abidemi, and shared with journalists on Wednesday, they explained that a section of the constitution provides that the appointment of the OOUSUG Judicial Council, except for the Chief Justice, shall be made at the first sitting of the SHS.

“Section 43(2) also states that the appointment of a person to the office of the Chief Justice of the Union shall be made by the President of the Union on the recommendation of the Law Students’ Society of the University, subject to confirmation by the SHS.

“Throughout the Feyi-led administration, the Students’ House of Senate was unable to constitute this arm of government due to unexpected reasons. Therefore, it is surprising to hear and see someone claiming to be the head of such a council.

“We want the student populace to be informed that there is nobody authorized to call themselves the Judicial Council because none was legally constituted by the Students’ House of Senate (35th Hallowed Chamber).

“President Comr. Feyi Adeogun personally and single-handedly appointed an Acting Chief Judge who was not recognized by the Students’ House of Senate because his appointment was not communicated to the Students’ House of Senate.

“The leaders of the Students’ House of Senate, therefore, want to inform Mr. Waliyu Temitope Azeez to refrain from presenting himself as the head of the Judicial Council that does not exist.

The statement partly read, “The school management is expected to be a shield for every student of the prestigious Olabisi Onabanjo University.

“The school management is also supposed to respect and regard the SUG’s constitution, especially when it has to rule over students’ matters.

“Unfortunately, this was not the case when the management ruled on petitions submitted by senators who were disappointed by their loss in an agreed course, knowing fully well that the management would favor them against the constitution.

“The Leaders of the Senate of the 35th Hallowed Chamber express their displeasure at the interference of the management in the constitution of the ECO and PECO, as their actions are unconstitutional and biased.”

Speaking further, they assure the student populace to be rest assured as they are working tirelessly to ensure that their Dear Constitution doesn’t lose its relevance and dignity.

“We also need the collective moral support and prayers as we fight for this just cause of ensuring that justice prevails and our Dear Students’ Union and its constitution are protected from the manipulation and abuse they are facing.

“We are not unaware of plans to frustrate us for standing up for what is morally right; however, we are optimistic that posterity will judge us correctly. We suspect that the management is desperate to hijack the Union to introduce and implement their planned anti-student policies unchallenged by the student populace.”

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