SOKAPU Begs Tinubu to Appoints Minister From Southern Kaduna

The National Youth Wing of the Southern Kaduna People Union (SOKAPU) has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint a Minister from their area.

The youths which commended Tinubu on his recent appointments, said the people of southern Kaduna want the next minister from Kaduna State to come from their area.

A statement issued by the youth leader, John Isaac, said the Southern Kaduna region has faced political neglect over the years.

“The National Youth Wing of the Southern Kaduna People Union expresses its deep gratitude to His Excellency Ahmed Bola Tinubu, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for exemplifying inclusive leadership. Your recent appointments have demonstrated your commitment to unity across the nation.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to you, Mr. President, for the appointment of Major General C.G Musa as the Chief of Defence Staff. This decision underscores your dedication to restoring Nigeria through the selection of competent, accountable, and experienced individuals who renew our nation’s hope.

“However, Your Excellency, the Southern Kaduna region has faced political neglect over the past eight years in both state and federal administrations. In the spirit of equity, justice, and fairness, we kindly request that you consider nominating a ministerial candidate from the Southern Kaduna region for the state of Kaduna. This action would contribute to fostering a sense of inclusion within your renewed administration.

“Historically, prior to 2015, key positions were shared on a 50/50 basis between the North and South of Kaduna State. In instances where the Governor hailed from the North, the Ministerial office was zoned to the Southern part of Kaduna State. This practice significantly reduced tensions and mutual suspicions of dominance, benefiting the people of Kaduna state.

“Mr. President, nominating a minister from the Southern Kaduna region would help heal the wounds of the previous eight-year administration and usher in a renewed era of nation-building and national integration, principles that you embody.

“While we await your consideration of our appeal, we pledge our wholehearted support for your policies and programs aimed at a better Nigeria,” the youth said.

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