Senate Urges FCTA To Closedown Illegal Garages

The Senate has called on the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) to shut down illegal garages and tackle the growing issue of unauthorized pick-up and drop-off points in Abuja.

In response to the escalating problem of illegal motor parks and pick-up points within Abuja Metropolis, the Senate has taken a stance to combat this issue.

Sen Aliyu Ahmed Wadada (Nasarawa West) and Sen Kingibe Ireti Heeba (FCT) jointly sponsored a motion titled “Urgent Need to Stem the Tide of Illegal Motor Parks and Pick-Up Points within Abuja Metropolis.”

The Senate has urged the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), along with other relevant agencies, to establish a joint task force to address and eradicate these unlawful garages and unauthorized pick-up or drop-off areas in the Federal Capital City.

With Abuja experiencing rapid growth and an influx of people from all parts of the nation, the existing facilities are under immense pressure.

This has led to increased vehicular traffic, hindering the smooth flow of movement within the city.
Transporters have developed the habit of indiscriminately picking up and dropping off passengers, often parking in non-designated areas along the highways.

These practices not only contribute to unnecessary traffic congestion but also pose a significant risk of accidents.

Potential Security Threats

If left uncontrolled, the proliferation of illegal pick-up and drop-off points may become a serious security concern for the Federal Capital Territory.

These unauthorized areas can create vulnerabilities and may impede the efficient movement of essential service vehicles such as fire services, ambulances, and police, hindering their ability to reach urgent locations promptly.

Revenue Leakage

The creation of illegal garages and pick-up/drop-off points poses a significant revenue leakage problem for the FCT Administration.

Without proper regulation and monitoring, these unauthorized operations can bypass revenue generation mechanisms that would otherwise contribute to the development and maintenance of necessary infrastructure within the capital city.

Steps Towards Eradicating Illegal Garages

Recognizing the need for immediate action, the Senate has called upon the FCT Administration, along with the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), and other relevant agencies, to establish a joint task force.

This collaborative effort aims to intensify activities and eliminate the presence of illegal garages and unauthorized pick-up or drop-off points within the Federal Capital City.

The joint task force is further urged to enforce penalties strictly to discourage the establishment of such illegal operations in the future.

It is imperative to address the issue of illegal garages and unauthorized pick-up or drop-off points in Abuja.

The Senate’s call for action reflects the pressing need to curb traffic congestion, enhance safety on the highways, and prevent potential security threats.

By establishing a joint task force and enforcing penalties for offenders, the Federal Capital Territory Administration and relevant agencies are taking significant steps to eradicate these illegal practices.

These efforts will not only improve the overall commuting experience within Abuja but also contribute to revenue generation and ensure the smooth operation of essential services.

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