Professionalism In Management Training: Insights From CMD Director Bitrus Harbi Chinoko

By Abubakar Yusuf

The Centre for Management Development (CMD) has always been at the forefront of fostering professionalism in the realm of management training.

During the September Advance Management Trainers Development program, CMD’s Director General, Bitrus Harbi Chinoko, delivered a compelling message urging participants to uphold the highest standards of professional ethics.

Bitrus Harbi Chinoko’s address marked the culmination of the September Advance Management Trainers Development program.

The event was a resounding success, with participants experiencing two weeks of intensive training and development.

As Dorathy Esiri, the Director in the CMD office, declared the program closed, the sense of accomplishment was palpable.

Mr. Chinoko, through Ms. Esiri, conveyed his delight at the seamless commencement and conclusion of the program. It was a testament to CMD’s commitment to providing top-notch training opportunities.

During his address, Mr. Chinoko emphasized the need for participants to serve as advocates for CMD.

He urged them to not only benefit from CMD’s offerings but also to actively promote and encourage others to partake in the centre’s programs.

This call to action highlights the importance of expanding the reach of quality management training.

One of the central themes of Mr. Chinoko’s address was the significance of professionalism in the training and retraining sector.

He stressed that maintaining the highest ethical standards is pivotal for the industry’s growth and development.

This emphasis on industry sanitation resonated with the audience, underlining the importance of producing well-rounded and ethical management trainers.

As the event concluded, Ms. Esiri extended her best wishes to the participants for their safe return to their respective destinations.

She also reminded them of the responsibility to be exemplary ambassadors of CMD.

Being good ambassadors means not only upholding professionalism but also actively promoting CMD’s mission and values.

In closing, the September Advance Management Trainers Development program, graced by the wisdom of Bitrus Harbi Chinoko, emphasized the vital role of professionalism in management training.

CMD’s commitment to excellence and ethics is unwavering, and the participants are poised to become advocates for positive change in the industry.

This event was not just a program’s end but the beginning of a new chapter in advancing the standards of management training.

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