Ndume Declares For Senate Presidency, Releases 10-Agenda

Former Senate leader and Senator representing Borno South, Ali Ndume has declared interest to contest for the office of the Senate President in the 10th Assembly and release a 10-point agenda.

Ndume is the first among those justly for the office of the Senate President to release an agenda for the Senate and the Nigerian people.

Ndume who had an unsuccessful bid to be the Senate President in the 9th Assembly, urged Nigerians especially his political party to allow lawmakers to select their leaders because of the fairness of the office.

According to Ndume, as one of the ranking lawmakers, he deserves to take a shot at the contest adding that his colleagues will decide on the floor.

In the 10-point agenda, Ndume said he will put Nigeria and Nigerian interest first.

“The Senate President should be one not first among equals. Work harmoniously and interdependently with the executive and the Judicial Arms of Government without undermining the principles of Separation of Power; make new laws and review existing ones to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians. Especially, A. Security and welfare of Citizens, B. Job Creation, C. Economic and Infrastructural Development, D. Fight against Corruption, G. Education, H. Political inclusion/ Power devolution, E. Business and Entrepreneurship development, and F. Health Care Development.

Other items in Ndume’s 10-point agenda are: Amend and review existing tax laws to:- Generate more income, Block leakages; ensure transparency through open accountability with full participation of all Senators; Protect and improve on welfare, rights and privileges of National Assembly Workers, inculcate es-spirit de-corps in order to utilize the experiences of former members by engaging them as consultants to members and Committees in order to tap from their experiences, set a timeline for confirmations, passage of Bills especially budgets and executive requests and Pass the Constituency Development Bill to ensure transparency, equity, fairness, efficiency and effectiveness of Constituency Projects.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, Ndume who confirmed his interest to vie for the office of the Senate President in the 10th Assembly, said it is subject to the position of the party and the fairness of that position.

“Subject to the position of the party and the fairness of the position of the Senate President, I intend to throw in my hat to the position of the Senate President. It is for my colleagues to decide.

“Many people have been saying that I am quiet about vying for the office of the Senate President. I have declared my interest now. The party did not take a position on zoning during the presidential election.

“It will be very fair because I was one of the people that advocated for the zoning of the office of the president to the South.

“The Senators will decide who will lead them. We went through the election and won the election. The position of the Senate should not be zoned.

“Femi Gbajabiamila as a speaker came from the same region as the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Allow the Senators to decide on who best to lead them.

“If we are copying the American system, as the most senior senator, I will become the Senate President. Let the 109 senators decide who will lead them,” Ndume said.

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