Kaduna Concern Forum’s Urged President Tinubu To Reconsider Capt. Jekada (red) For ministerial Slot

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

In a bid to fortify the ties of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kaduna State, the Kaduna Concern Forum (KCF) has fervently appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to reconsider the candidacy of Group Capt. Emmanuel Jekada (red), the incumbent APC State Chairman of Kaduna, for a ministerial role.

This strategic move aims to strengthen both the party’s local and national rapport.

Recent developments have led to a recalibration of political appointments.

After a series of debates surrounding security concerns, Governor El-Rufai purportedly withdrew the nomination of Group Capt. Emmanuel Jekada (red), causing a stir within the political landscape.

In a press release issued on Tuesday in Kaduna, Musa Audu Yusuf, Chairman of the Kaduna Concern Forum, underscored the significance of credible appointments in President Tinubu’s cabinet.

The call to select competent Nigerians resonates deeply with Jekada’s exceptional qualifications.

Jekada, hailing from Kaduna-South, is an exemplar of Nigerian excellence.

His exceptional leadership and unwavering patriotism have consistently propelled the APC’s victory trajectory since 2015.

The resounding achievements under his helm provide a compelling case for his elevation to a more significant role in the new Tinubu-led administration.

The Kaduna Concern Forum advocates for fairness and equity within the party.

Members who have contributed substantially to the APC’s victories have earned the right to aspire to greater platforms for political involvement and influence.

The group’s aspirations extend beyond individual appointments. A stronger inter-party relationship at both the state and national levels is the ultimate goal.

This harmony aims to foster a more inclusive and participatory governance style in the new administration.

Musa Audu Yusuf highlights an existing concern – the neglect of certain regions in ministerial appointments.

The Kaduna State APC Chairman’s background fills this gap, offering a fresh perspective that has been underrepresented in the APC administration since 2015.

Jekada’s credentials aptly align with the demands of a ministerial office or any federal agency.

His qualifications are poised to propel the APC’s achievements well beyond the horizon of 2027, ensuring the party’s continued victory and sustained influence.

This move seeks to not only amplify the APC’s influence within Kaduna State but also reinforce its presence on the national stage.

By recognizing Jekada’s credentials and contributions, the party charts a path towards a more inclusive and successful future.

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