Empowering Future Music Stars: MUSON and MTNF Foster Nigerian Talent

MUSON/MTNF Diploma Music School celebrates its 16th graduation ceremony, empowering and training twenty-nine Nigerian youths for a prosperous future in the music industry.

MUSON/MTNF Diploma Music School, a prestigious institution dedicated to nurturing Nigerian musical talent, recently held its 16th graduation ceremony.

The event showcased the remarkable achievements of twenty-nine highly spirited and talented Nigerian youths, who have undergone rigorous training to excel in the competitive music industry.

The ceremony, which took place at the MUSON Centre in Lagos, was a celebration of their remarkable accomplishments.

Celebrating The Graduates

The graduation ceremony commenced with the graduates delivering an excellent rendition of the MUSON school anthem, composed by Dr. Kayode Ibiayo, an alumnus of the school now based in South Africa.

Their impressive performance set the tone for an unforgettable event.

As the crowd was captivated by the graduates’ talent, gospel music minister Frank Edwards took to the stage, uplifting hearts with his soul-stirring performance.

Empowerment For Youth Employment

Mrs Odunayo Sanya, the Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation, expressed her admiration for the graduates’ achievements and emphasized the foundation’s commitment to youth and community development.

She applauded the graduates for maximizing the empowerment opportunity provided by MTNF and assured them of the foundation’s continued support through its full scholarship scheme.

With this scheme, the foundation aims to empower even more Nigerian youths to pursue successful careers in music.

Overcoming Challenges For Success

Princess Banke Ademola, the school director, addressed the graduates in her welcome speech, acknowledging the obstacles they faced during their journey.

Despite nationwide financial constraints and power failures, the graduates demonstrated resilience and determination to succeed.

Princess Ademola encouraged them to draw upon these experiences as they embark on their music careers, emphasizing that success often comes from overcoming adversity.

Keys To Success: Chances, Choices, And Consequences

Prince Julius Adeuyi, the Chairman of the MTN Foundation, congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments.

He offered valuable advice for building successful careers, highlighting the importance of three fundamental elements: chances, choices, and consequences.

By making wise decisions and embracing the opportunities that come their way, the graduates can pave the way for a prosperous future in the music industry.

Recognizing Excellence

To acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the graduates, awards were presented to the most distinguished individuals. Ayomide Oluwatobiloba claimed the prestigious 1st prize, while Samuel Oluwarotimi secured the 2nd position.

The third position was awarded to Abisola Edun, highlighting their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft.

Celebrity Attendance And Memorable Moments

The graduation ceremony attracted an array of notable personalities, demonstrating the significance of the event within the music community and beyond. Among the esteemed guests were former Minister of Health, Prince Julius Adeuyi, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Odein Ajumogobia.

Also in attendance were Chief Femi Adeniyi-Williams, renowned gospel music icon Frank Edwards, Mr. Dennis Okoro, Mrs. Odunayo Sanya, and many others. The ceremony was expertly hosted by the comical master of ceremonies, Benneth Ogbeiwi, popularly known as Uncle Ben.

The MUSON/MTNF Diploma Music School graduation ceremony was a resounding success, showcasing the immense talent and dedication of Nigerian youths in pursuing their musical dreams.

With the support and empowerment provided by the MTN Foundation, these graduates are poised to make significant contributions to the global music landscape.

As they embark on their respective music careers, armed with valuable skills and experiences, they carry with them the spirit of resilience and determination that will propel them towards success.

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