Massive Arrest In Abuja: EFCC Apprehends Siblings, 10 Other Alleged Internet Fraudsters

In a significant breakthrough, the EFCC’s Abuja Zonal Command has apprehended 12 individuals, including brothers Maxwell and Kingsley Nwanno, suspected of engaging in internet fraud.

In a commendable effort to combat cybercrime, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abuja Zonal Command, achieved a major breakthrough on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

A total of 12 individuals, including two brothers named Maxwell Nwanno and Kingsley Nwanno, were apprehended in different estates across the Gwarimpa, Katampe, and Karu areas of Abuja.

The arrests were made possible due to credible intelligence that shed light on their alleged involvement in various fraudulent online activities.

Details Of The Arrests And Suspects

Among the apprehended suspects were the Nwanno brothers, Maxwell and Kingsley.

The EFCC’s swift action led to their arrest at separate locations. These brothers, believed to have played significant roles in internet fraud, now face the consequences of their alleged criminal activities.

Owoh Chinedu

Another individual apprehended during the operation was Owoh Chinedu. His arrest adds to the growing list of individuals suspected of engaging in fraudulent online schemes.

The EFCC’s efforts continue to curtail such illegal activities and safeguard the online environment.

Ricaldo Francis, Thomas Pante, and Chika Okoh

The diligent investigative work of the EFCC led to the arrests of Ricaldo Francis, Thomas Pante, and Chika Okoh.

These individuals allegedly exploited the internet to carry out their fraudulent acts, but their activities were ultimately exposed.

Okusun Destiny And Richard Anthony

The EFCC’s operation also resulted in the apprehension of Okusun Destiny and Richard Anthony.

Their alleged involvement in internet fraud contributes to the ever-growing need for robust measures to combat cybercrime effectively.

Jonathan Victor, Ekulonor Emmanuel, Thompson Amieghemen, and Kingsley Henry:

The remaining suspects apprehended by the EFCC’s Abuja Zonal Command were Jonathan Victor, Ekulonor Emmanuel, Thompson Amieghemen, and Kingsley Henry.

These individuals, now in custody, will face legal repercussions if found guilty of the crimes they are accused of committing.

Recovered Items

During the operation, law enforcement authorities successfully seized substantial evidence that strengthens the case against the suspects.

Among the items confiscated were over 20 mobile phones of various brands, nine laptops, and three luxury vehicles—a testament to the ill-gotten gains acquired through fraudulent online activities.

The recovered vehicles included a Toyota Avalon and a Lexus 330, highlighting the extent of the suspects’ alleged involvement in cybercrime.

Legal Proceedings

As the EFCC intensifies its investigations into the activities of the arrested individuals, it is crucial to ensure a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the evidence gathered.

Only when the investigations are concluded will the suspects face the full force of the law.

Subsequently, they will be charged accordingly, ensuring justice is served and the consequences of their alleged actions are appropriately addressed.

The recent arrests of 12 suspected internet fraudsters in Abuja, including the Nwanno brothers, Maxwell and Kingsley, highlight the unwavering commitment of the EFCC in combating cybercrime.

With each apprehension, the EFCC strengthens its position in safeguarding the digital realm and protecting innocent individuals from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. The recovered items further emphasize the magnitude of the alleged crimes committed by the suspects.

As the legal proceedings progress, the EFCC remains resolute in its mission to bring justice to those who exploit the internet for illicit gains.

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