Edo State Gears Up For A Groundbreaking Shift To E-governance

In a landmark decision, the Edo government is set to usher in a new era of governance by fully embracing e-platforms, marking a monumental shift away from traditional paper-based processes.

Starting from September 1, all government activities will be conducted seamlessly on digital platforms, eliminating the need for physical file movement.

The State Head of Service, Barrister Anthony Okungbowa, delivered this groundbreaking news during a re-orientation session for state workers.

He emphasized that this transition aims to ensure that every employee is well-informed and prepared for this monumental policy shift.

E-governance is poised to revolutionize the way state affairs are handled, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency.

One of the most significant benefits is the eradication of physical files, making bureaucracy a thing of the past.

Okungbowa went on to urge all state civil servants to adapt swiftly to this new paradigm.

To access the e-govern network, individuals will receive personalized login credentials.

Workers can also utilize the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to the e-govern platform from any location.

Effective September 1, any employee who cannot utilize the e-govern system will face limitations.

They won’t be able to proceed on leave or participate in any programs that require Duty Tour Allowance (DTA).

This transformational move aligns with Governor Godwin Obaseki’s vision, who highlighted the necessity for technological advancement in governance back in 2021.

He emphasized that the Nigerian public and civil service require a significant upgrade to keep pace with the changing world order.

As Edo State pioneers this groundbreaking shift towards e-governance, it not only modernizes its operations but also sets a remarkable example for the entire nation.

The digital future has arrived, and Edo State is leading the way.

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