PRP Led By Falalu Bello Makes Progress . . . Leads Rescue Nigeria Mission

PRP like all political parties and institutions is a creation of the Law. That is what gives it the mandate to lead the mission to Rescue Nigeria from the trap of bad governance. The trap of poverty, insecurity that is a creation of brainlessness in governance especially in the past decade. It is a moot point that the Law grants that INEC issues and validates Certificates for political parties. INEC is also the monitor of political parties. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is the office of record that keeps a register of all 18 registered political parties in Nigeria. INEC attends state congresses and the national conventions of all political parties to validate the process. All political parties have a given time frame within which they have to inform the INEC of a planned congress or convention. That is to allow the INEC attend and monitor the said congress or national convention for the legal validation required of its monitoring role. This is a proviso of the extant Electoral Act. That is what confirms who is the legit political party and leadership that they claim. Without that certification, and these processes no political party can issue membership cards and receive payment for such cards. without this no political party can receive contributions, donations or any subscriptions. No political party can also operate a bank account, not even with a micro finance or community bank if it doesn’t have such certification. Without the backing of such a legal framework, no political party can hold any congress or convention in the eyes of the Nigerian Law. It is the PRP led by Malam Falalu Bello as National Chairman that has all of these lawful bases and supports. It is the Falalu Bello led PRP that has the backing of the Law and the mass of the people to sell nomination forms for elections on the PRP platform. It is that guarantee that grants this PRP to sell forms for contest at general elections representing PRP as Councillors, as LG Chairmen, as State Governors, as State Assembly members, as National Assembly members or as President. It is this legit PRP that can permit a contestant to vie for Party Chairman or executive committee member at any level of the PRP. It is the same PRP that superintended a State Congress in Kano on October 30th, 2021 satisfying the provisions of the Electoral Act. It is that State Congress which had INEC and all agencies of State, election observers and the media in attendance that gave birth to the present Kano PRP leadership. It is the first time such an all-inclusive Congress was held since the last one held at the PRP Kano Headquarters in August 2018, validated at the National Delegates Conference (NDC) of the PRP on September 1st, 2018 that took place in Kaduna. It is the October 30th 2021 PRP Kano State Congress held at Aminu Kano CDS Mambayya House fulfilling all lawful requirements that elected Engr. Abba Sule Namatazu as State Chairman. It is that congress that saw to the election of Alhaji Balarabe AA Danfulani as State Secretary, Alhaji Bala Datti Abubakar as State Treasurer along with other members of the Kano State executive. Similarly all 36 States have held congresses with validation of the PRP NEC and INEC as observer along with relevant Agencies of State. It is not surprising that we have some irritants claiming what they are not at this stage of the PRP’s enviable growth and consolidation. They are sure to show up now that PRP is accepted as the principal alternative platform that all serious and focused Nigerians are looking upto for the 2023 salvage operation PRP promises. In Kano and indeed all over Nigeria. The PRP is open to all who are ready to join the struggle at whatever stage. Nigeria needs to be Rescued. And PRP has the history, the pedigree, the stainless banner for the rescue mission. It is that credit that marks it out as positively different from all existing political parties. It is PRP that has what it takes to take on the two enfantes terrible of Nigerian politics, APC and PDP. Their rape of the Nigerian State has led us to the verge of disintegration. So sad that it is under the watch of the APC and PDP that we today have vast swathes of ungoverned spaces left to bandits and terrorists, with the common man left to fend for himself. No patriotic, genuine PRP man or woman, will be swayed by the baseless claims of those who say they are PRP when they have no single evidence backed by any law or convention to support them. It is the unwary, who have not been educated on the facts as is, who are the target of these non PRP claimants’ propaganda. For those who have read the Press Statement issued by the PRP NEC alerting the public on a fake national convention that was stage managed in Abuja on February 19th they wont be deceived. It captures all the facts rehashed here. Thank God, all reports confirm that the said “convention” was only a jamboree of a minority faction of the rump of the Late Prof Sule Bello committee that some of us set up in consultation with late revered PRP national leader Malam Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, rahimahullah, to address some internal issues to do with adequate consultation within the PRP. The fake “convention” was held as reported, without any INEC or official of state in attendance as vouchsafed by the Laws of the Land. That INEC and such lawful attendees were not seen even as observers is proof that the whole event was choreographed for a purpose. That jamboree won’t deter the PRP’s progress. Already the huge interest in PRP makes it the only alternative platform that has the capacity to lead the 2023 Rescue Nigeria mission. This has caused definite agreements now already literally sealed by the PRP with various groups of politicians and political parties soon to be unveiled. The accommodating and visionary PRP is the platform of choice for all who want a difference in 2023, a positive people centered difference. The Rescue Train is already revving up. It is at the Station rearing to go. It is about to take off. The irritants trying to now distract PRP, and those they waylaid and misled, God willing won’t change anything. PRP is here to Redeem the promises of the past. It is here as the Humanist, Nationalist, Pan-Africanist hope for all who desire genuine Change and Progress. PRP is on the homerun. PRP has come to the Rescue. Kabiru M. Gwangwazo is Ag. National Publicity Secretary, PRP National Hqtrs.

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