Zamfara Massacres Could Be Genocide Targeting Hausas – Says HURIWA

The Foremost Civil Right Advocacy Group,-: The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria ( HURIWA) has called on the President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal government to as a matter of urgency declare armed bandits operating in the North Western part of Nigeria as terrorists and treat them as same.

Besides, the Rights group has asked for a constitution of a high powered judicial commission of inquiry to ascertain if what has been going on in Zamfara State is a targeted genocidal attacks seeking to wipe off the mainly Hausa indigenous population by alleged armed Fulani militia members just as the Rights group regretted that the President who swore an oath to defend the lives and property of Nigerians which in any event is the primary duty of government in accordance with constitutional stipulation, has watched in bemusement whilst citizens are slaughtered like chickens.

The group decried the continuous massacre of rural dwellers in Zamfara in the last one week, calling it an obvious act of genocide.

In a statement signed by it’s national Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf and made available to newsmen, the rights crusaders say it is not enough to always express shock and condemnation over killings but that the government must deal decisively with the so called bandits operating in Zamfara and other parts of the country. HURIWA is shocked that for two years the National Assembly has increasingly become weaker and incapable of using the instruments of oversight responsibility to compel the executive arm of government to defend Nigerians or make move to slam President Muhammadu Buhari with impeachment threats.

“The Senate President has become like a ‘pet dog’ of the executive arm of government and has abandoned his watchdog role ascribed to the National legislature by the Grundnorm. Sadly, the Speaker has also become a stooge of President Muhammadu Buhari who is totally disconnected from the constant ordeals confronting millions of Nigerians just as the cocktails of killings by organised criminal gangs do not disturb or worry their consciences. Now amidst the cacophony of violence and killings carried out and orchestrated by armed non state actors, the National Assembly has gone on recess and are not bothered about the bad existential situations in all parts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria “.

We at HURIWA have continued to monitor the situation in Zamfara in the last one year and in the last one week where over ninety villagers were reported to have been gruesomely massacred between Thursday and Saturday lasts week by terrorist suspected to be armed bandits in Kadawa village of Zurmi Local Government Area of the State, while many others were severely wounded.  We are disturbed that an obvious act of genocide is being handled with kids gloves. The fact which is notorious is that it would appear that these armed militants who are mostly Fulani sharing same ethnicity with President Muhammadu Buhari are been pampered and sadly all the heads of the security architectures in the internal security sector are Ethnic Fulanis.

HURIWA also expressed dissatisfaction over the call from the Governor of Zamfara on the citizens of the state to defend themselves against bandits, that is an indication that the instruments of state can no longer guarantee their safety and a clear sign of a failed state.

The right group want to unequivocally call on the Federal government to deploy massive security to Zamfara and halt the ongoing genocide. We also want the FG to designate the so called bandits as terrorists and treat them so. We have resolved to write to the International Criminal Court in The Hague Netherlands to send them information on these atrocities going on in Zamfara which the President of Nigeria doesn’t seem to want to checkmate or curbed.

Recall that on June 9 June 2021 Gunmen kidnapped about 60 women from some villages for Zamfara state. On 12th Jun 2021 it was reported that armed assailants have killed 53 people in northwest Nigeria’s Zamfara state, according to police and local residents, the latest violence to hit the restive region.

Many motorcycle-riding gunmen known locally as bandits on Thursday through Friday raided the villages of Kadawa, Kwata, Maduba, Ganda Samu, Saulawa and Askawa in the Zurmi district, AFP news agency cited the sources as saying on Saturday.

The gang shot residents, attacked farmers in their fields and pursued others who fled to escape the assaults.

On April 20, 2021 it was reported that

Zamfara police spokesman Mohammed Shehu said 14 bodies had been taken to the state capital Gusau on Friday, and added that “policemen [were] deployed in the area following the attacks.”

Local residents said 39 more bodies had been recovered and buried in the neighbouring town of Dauran.

On April 22, 2021 there was apprehension in the Dansadau district of Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State, days after 20 people were killed in attacks by rival groups in the area.

It was reported on Sunday how at least 20 persons were killed on Thursday and Friday in reprisal attacks between a vigilante group and bandits in the district.

It began when bandits killed three persons during a raid on Ruwan-Tofa on Thursday.

Following the incident, members of the vigilante group on Friday attacked a cattle market in Dansadau, killing 16 persons of Fulani ethnic stock and leaving five others severely injured.

On April 22, 2021 there were Aattacks by suspected bandits across villages in Zamfara State  that left at least 83 persons dead and hundreds of others, including women and children, injured.

Reports on the attacks were given by displaced people, officials and residents of the affected communities.

Most of the attacks, which appeared coordinated, happened on Wednesday in Gusau, Maradun and Bakura local government areas of the troubled North-west state.

The day before the latest attacks, media reported apprehension in the Dansadau district of Maru Local Government Area following the killing of 20 people in separate attacks by rival groups in the area.

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