Zamfara Guns For Order Shows Total Collapse Of Nigeria’s Security – Prayer Force

A Christian based organization, Prayer Force Network (PFN), has said that the request by the Zamfara State Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle, for the citizens to acquire weapons and defend themselves showed total collapse of security in the country.

According to the group, the order has vindicated some of them who have consistently cried over the total collapse of the security architecture of Nigeria especially under General Muhammadu Buhari.
A statement issued by the leader of the group, Amb John Pofi, said the order was not just a mere verbal vituperation by the state governor, Bello Matawalle, but that it has been backed up by a committee and the committee has printed forms for prospective gun buyers.
“I must commend the uncommon courage of the governor whose commissioner for information, Ibrahim Dosara said on BBC Hausa that the state government has given the bandits cash after all negotiations have failed so that they can allow residents live in peace and farmers to go to their farms, all to no avail and that was what informed their decision.

“This is not only an indictment of the security agencies but the total collapse of the security architecture and the “indebtedness” of a purported sovereign state to guarantee the safety of its citizens.

“Mr Dosara said the permission for residents of Zamfara state to get license and purchase arms is one of the measures they have taken to rescue the soul of the state from its enemies.

“I agree absolutely with the position of the Zamfara state government since the federal government has failed monumentally in the protection of lives of its citizens, the state governments are now left with no other alternative but to devise internal means.

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“Governor Matawalle is not the first governor to come out publicly to tell his people to pick up arms and defend themselves, but my worry is that if it were the governor of Benue state for instance who gave such order, the federal government would have castigated and lambasted him because of the nepotistic leadership style of General Buhari, ” the group said.

“We are all witnesses to the establishment of Amotekun, a regional security structure and its likes which have sprang up due to the failure of the Buhari led administrator to protect them.
“Once a state fails to secure its citizens, then the future belongs to the strongest except if God intervenes.
“As noble as this order is,it has a long term effect which if not properly implemented, will mean more guns in the hands of many individuals and the long term implication is that after bandits have been defeated, people may use the guns against their real and perceived enemies and in such anarchy, politicians must take advantage and begin to kill their political opponents.
“This also means that security forces have lost their monopoly as in the words of Nde Jonathan Ishaku thus; ” With time, the private ‘ Commanders’ will shift from defense to offence, since attack is the other side of defense. Before long, the line between the victim and perpetrator becomes blurred as society is enmeshed in violence. May we never have these types of leaders in our lifetime in Jesus’ Precious name! Amen, ” the statement added.

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