Zainab Ashadu Speaks On Glenfiddich Roundtable Series

A handbag and accessories designer, and the founder, Zashadu, Zainab Ashadu has revealed that her major drive as a maverick and creative is by tapping from artists who came before her while remaining true to herself and her brand.

She made this known at the Grand Composition Roundtable Series which held recently in Abuja, celebrating the grand cologne, which is the 26th year old whiskey in an outlandish event where whiskey, art and fashion met in presenting her collection.

Ashadu who believes the mix of the three worlds is a unique blend as a local brand, home grown Nigerian brand in collaboration with internationally known brand said it’s exciting for collectors to be part of this remarkable feat that crosses all the genres that bring them together, adding that it’s a way of bringing harmony in her field for something relatively new having an impressive reception.

Zainab Ashadu 

Hosted by Kachi Offiah with culinary exploration by Afrolems, the designer who disclosed that her brand Zashadu is based in Lagos and in existence since 2010, mainly, sourcing out materials from leather dimmed as waste to create something sustainable in many aspects, pointed out that as Africans, “we are naturally sustainable, as our normal way of life, especially when we recognise that we are unique and connect with our inner selves.”

She further explained that as a global brand, their accessories are sold around the world. “We have dedicated collectors, people who will spread it across the world” noting that they work in the old ways, “one artisan per bag for a well hand crafted. Though it’s slow, but meticulously done, very much with keeping with the human being intended to be natural, which is exciting and living in harmony with your world.”

The Maverick intimated that youths can learn from her experiences and could learn and air of curiosity to things as opposed to being judgemental which does not allow them look beyond the present which is limiting as there is a lot to discover. Even as she advised the youths to look inwards without comparing themselves with others, which accordingly to her has brought her this far.


At Glenfiddich, they always ask “Where Next?”. A philosophy of life where reaching the top is just the beginning, the importance of being willing to challenge oneself, and even when one is the world most awarded.

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