Youths Are The Leaders Of Today, Not Tomorrow

By James Patrick

Today is all we’ve got in this world, nobody is promised tomorrow. Today is all we all have, nobody is assured of seeing tomorrow. Today is the only reality that is available to us all. Today is what is evidently guaranteed. Tomorrow is a mirage. Tomorrow is a fallacy, that only exist in the figment of our imagination. It actually does not exist. It is a scam our feeble minds have been wrongfully trained to accept it’s existence. Today is the the tomorrow we were talking about yesterday. So let no man deceive our youths about a tomorrow that would never come. Let no politicians deceive our youths that they are the leaders of tomorrow. You know what, when you carefully study this old crooks who parade themselves as Nigerians leaders, you would discover that they are sapient in nature. Not only that, the average Nigerian politician knows how to invent cunning ways to perpetually enslave the docile minds of the poor people they are leading in this country. Who ever among the past or present politician that invented this byword, OUR YOUTHS ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW is the most evil of them all. Right from when we were young stars, they have strategically sold this devilish doctrine to us through our educations system. You know the mind of a child is like an empty board or a blank sheet of paper, whatsoever you write on it remains there almost forever. So this is what this evil people we call our leaders did: they invented the evil statement ‘youths are the LEADERS of tomorrow’ and used the already existing educational system ( most especially the primary and the secondary schools since this are where we have the virgin minds) to craftily sell or infiltrate this short statement into their psyche. While we were growing up as kids, we read in the pages of our school books that we are the leaders of tomorrow. We composed school anthem using this short but very demonic statement. We sang the songs daily on the assembly ground before commencing the learning for the day. We also wrote some beautiful verses about the above statement times without number. Our teachers never failed to remind us that we are indeed the leaders of tomorrow. After school hours, going back to our respective homes, our parents, neighbors and those who were much more older than us never failed to remind us that we are the leaders of tomorrow. Anytime we were caught in any of those our misdemeanor or childish misbehavior, it seemed like the only perfect statement that could be use to bring us back to our senses beside lashing our backs with some heavy strokes of the cane was “don’t you know that you are the leaders of tomorrow? ” Our worship centers (churches, Mosques) were not left out. The pastors and the Imams used every opportunity they had to always draw our attention to the bogus fact that we are the leaders of tomorrow.
So, every child in Nigeria, every youth and every grown up adult in this country had this sweet but satanic statement buried inside his or her subconscious mind that one day, in the nearest future, they will become leaders of tomorrow ( meaning they will take over from those leading today). I call this statement demonic because it has found a permanent residence inside our subconscious mind. This is where the danger is. This is where the real damage is taking place – our subconscious mind. According to psychologist, as far as a word or a statement remains in a man’s conscious state of mind, he is safe. The powerful word or statement has no power over his life – it cannot be able to control how he thinks. As a matter of fact, if such word or statement is not repeated often, they may be deleted automatically from his mind. But if the same words or statement sinks down into the subconscious mind of the same man through constant repetition. It may remain there forever – such statement whether true or false becomes that man’s conviction, it becomes the circumference through which that individual dictates his thought and as you must already know by now that our thoughts determines our actions. Even if such statement has been proved beyond reasoning to be the biggest lie of the century, it becomes almost impossible for such person to accept it falsehood once it resides inside his subconscious mind. This was how the infamous Adolf Hitler nearly convinced an entire generation of millions of people about the non existence of God. During his life time as the supreme authoritarian leader in Germany, those people who believed in the existence of God, especially the clergy men, were captured and imprisoned in an isolated segment inside a concentration camp. For seventeen hours everyday, the only music played to their hearing was “THERE IS NO GOD” blasting out of a very big loud speaker placed close to their ear. He was simply working on their subconscious mind. When a clergy man who strongly believed in the existence of God kept on hearing this words seventeen hours everyday for four to five years non stop, they came out of this prison as ardent Atheist. This were the same believers tortured, imprisoned in solitary confinement, killing and maiming their loved once before their very eyes and every other inhuman atrocities done to them that could not change them from believing in God. But this strategy worked perfectly well on them. This is exactly what the so called politicians in Nigerian have done to the minds of the Nigerian youths. Nigerian youths were sold a big scam that they are the leaders of tomorrow and they bought into it without their knowledge. The youths and their ill-informed parents were so ignorance of the simple fact that there is nothing like tomorrow. If a leader tells you as youths in this great country that you are the leaders of tomorrow, what he simple means is that he will remain your leader forever, because there is nothing like tomorrow. From when we were toddlers, this evil genius sold this evil statement to us and look at where we are today as able bodied Nigerian youths. Some of us are already giving birth to children whom, when they begin to grow up, we will innocently sell the same lie that was sold to us that we are the leaders of tomorrow.
Let me unequivocally state it here that youths are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today. There leadership status starts today not tomorrow. They are leaders now not later – they are leaders who should assume the position of leadership of this country in the present and not in a future that does not existence. Teachers, parents, youths, leaders, it high time we correct ourselves. It doesn’t matter how long this lie has stayed with us, we should change it. We should discard it. Youths are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today. It is our duty to correct this for ourselves and the nest generation. Tell every youths in this country that they are the leaders of today. Tell them that they are leaders now or never. Tell them the gospel truth that they either take over their rightful leadership position now or they will never be another tomorrow to do so. This way, they will be able to take over the leadership position of this country from the hands of some old, archaic, brutish, selfish and barbaric politicians who continue to reverse the country into the stone age era. The danger of telling the youths that they are leaders of tomorrow is that they become complacent with the present status quo, they may do absolutely nothing to wrestle power away from the hands of this ‘Mugabes’ this ‘Ghadafis’ or ‘mussuvinis’ we have as politicians in Nigerian. The youths would fold their arms, relaxing in a stagnant position, waiting for a tomorrow that would never come. This is exactly what our evil Politicians want – to remain in leadership position forever and equally hand it over to their own children after their demise.

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