You Can Only Take Restless Youths Off The Street By Means of empowerment – A. A. Zaura

Speaking after hosting some upcoming artiste from Kannywood, who paid him a courtesy visit, the Kano State ACP Chieftain, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura (A.A. Zaura), says part of his manifesto is to ensure support and empowerment to creative minds, more especially the youths in Kano State.

AL-AMIN CIROMA shades more lights on his vision, and also the party’s just-concluded convention. Excerpts:

Your Excellency, having gone through your rich resume, and business orientation as one of the Kano-born successful businessmen, who excel not only in Nigeria, but built structural business entity abroad, why do you want to step in as a politician, and also run for the number seat of your state – Kano?

Ok. Thank you very much. It’s a privilege to be a successful international businessman among my peers. I thank the Almighty Allah, and I’m satisfied that after making waves in my field, I am now back home to give back to my constituency in that capacity. And I am an ambitious person but a committed person.

The reason why I have an intention to go into politics and also get an opportunity to serve my people came as a result of my commitment to complementing government gestures to its people. I would not be happy seeing people not getting to the right cause. I would want to say that I am one of the very few people who are opportune with providence to be part of personalities who care for their people. This philanthropicsm is in me right from my childhood. That is why I feel my journey towards making my state a better one is a clarion call.

Not only that, but I also would want to ensure the efforts put together by the present administration under His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje are not gone in vain. Including everything his administration has brought to bear in ensuring peace and stability in the state is sustained. Above all, to also give my best to my people.

We have just witnessed an event where you hosted part of Kannywood’s upcoming artiste that does not reach any stardom in the industry. Not only that, you have graciously given them a warm reception, where you made resounding pledges from scholarship and support to them. Sir, what informed this gesture from you, when most of your pears in this race invite the artistes that attain limelight and become superstars only?

Yes, we did it and will add more into the pledges as time goes on. You see, it takes only a gentleman to know that any person you see on the street has their God’s given talent, and of course, these young girls you at the event were the same set of entertainers backing the superstars in most of the videos they shoot. So, without them, there would never be any superstar!

So, for me, I respect any individual who got something to offer even from his bedroom, talk less of those who attain limelight.

If I should answer your question directly, I will say empowerment is part of my strongest agenda in life. I believe whenever you empower these young girls you see gallivanting the whole place, you will definitely succeed in keeping them off the streets. And if that happens, you are sure of having well-mannered young women, who may become mothers in their future, and doing so, you will agree with me that you are silently regenerating the society from all social vices and menace that we face today in our communities.

Support young men and women in society are key. We all cry about the dangers of consuming hard drugs, joblessness, etc. therefore, in my manifesto, I take that very seriously. So, in a nutshell, I am always being there for such gestures, and from the bottom of my heart, I mean it and will do it more and more.

The Kano APC has concluded its convention, are you satisfied with the manner in which the elections went?

Thank you very much. I consider this question very important. I would say that the Kano State Governor, being the leader of our great party deserves commendation for such a milestone. Despite all odds, it was successful.

Even though we had our difficulties and trying times, but APC has come a long way, and if you broaden your thoughts you will recall that it is a great party that has structures everywhere in the country. It is an assembly of great Nigerians who agree to be united, patriotic and achieve one national focus.

So, any simple-minded person can turn their face away from the little disagreements that occurred and face the reality on the ground. After all, we are one big family, and the bottom line is that the process was well done.

In any state of the federation, more especially where APC is taking the lead, we are all one. No matter what and where we disagree, trust me, we shall all come back to achieve these stated objectives I have mentioned earlier. And Kano, being the top of the focus of the party in the north, we are contented with what we have, and believe that we shall deliver, and take our mandates to our respective constituencies. So, I am happy with the convention and call on all the family members to follow suit.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you very much for having me.

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