‘Yari Still In APC Chairmanship Race’

Against the speculation going round that the former Zamfara Governor, His Excellency, AbdulAziz Yari has withdrawn from the APC chairmanship contest, the coordinator of the APC aspirants forum Hon Bashir Muhammed Dala has debunked the rumour.

Bashir, during an interaction with select media outfits in Abuja, said the former governor is still in the race.

Bashir said Yari will be on ground at the eagle square when convention is set.

Bashir implored loyalists of Yari not to be distracted by the rumour as their candidate is so much in the race for the national chairmanship seat.

“The experience of the former governors forum chairman shall come to play in APC, ” Bashir said of Yari, adding that “sometimes, rumours like this makes personalities like Yari wax stronger and stronger.”

He said all machineries are set for the contest as the Yari team is only waiting for the day of the convention.

“This confirms the desperacy of some opponents who are already afraid of the influence, followership and structure of AbdulAziz Yari. In politics, it is a common practice that antics are applied to distract attention of delegates and supporters, ” Bashiru added.

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