Will Emir Sunusi Ever Return..?

By Sadeeq Sheshe

Ever since the faceoff between the Kano state government and The Former Emir of KanoMuhammad Sanusi II(MSII), things haven’t gone well which consequently led to his removal and banishment. In fact, since when the government of Kano led by Gov Abdullahi Ganduje dissected the Kano emirate in an unpopular way, a lot have been set Loose. As it is now, Emir Sanusi has been removed and had moved to Lagos living as aprivate citizen.However, here in Kano, there have been a lot of discussions regarding the possible occurrence of his return to the throne upon coming of a new political government. It’s now an obvious thing that the issue of the Kano emirate has now been politically polarized. As such, the question which has always been coming up is, will Sanusi return?
Most people usually turn spiritual with the onset of this question which is unanimously The right thing considering Islamic basis of the whole concept of Emir ship and its tussle. However certain factors could in one way or the other be considered which might Possibly give a basic background to answer that question.
In essence, one major thing to consider is the fact that Emir Muhammad Sanusi II himself Has made a claim that he has possibly moved on after his removal. He has mentioned how hard he had tried his best and gave his all. That already life has moved on for him and another chapter of his life has open. One thing about this is the fact that everyone knows who Emir Sanusi II is and how a serious person he is. When he talks, he actually means it and it will be difficult to make him change from whatever he believes is the right thing. However, still critically considering that video and what he said, what has Emir Sanusi moved on from?
Second, it is a widely known fact Emir MSII loves Kano and its emirate so much that There could be nothing that will substitute The Emir ship position for him. To him the throne of Dabo is like no other and the Gidan Rumfa is the ultimate resident of everything for him. Even though he has already been an Emir for 6 years, will the love of his life (The throne) be offered to him once again just for him to reject?
Third, Emir Sanusi II is always an ardent follower of his grandfather Sarkin Kano Khalifa Sir Sanusi I that even in his own moment of “Murabus” he thanked God that it was all about following the life of his famous grandfather. However, Emir Sanusi II is also a record breaker and a record maker. When he became the Emir of Kano, he was the first grandchild to be the Emir of Kano which is a record he has made till date. Second, he was the first Emir that broke the jinx of the “Dan” titles which were, according to the Sarauta myths, do not lead to Emirship. Emir MSII broke that record when he became the Emir of Kano from the title of Dan Majen Kano, a record breaking incident! Thus these two points could buttress my earlier claim that he is A record maker and breaker! Since the start of the Fulani dynasty, no Emir returned after being removed from his throne in Kano (Emirs Tukur 1893-1894, Alu 1894-1903 & Sanusi I 1953-1963 were all removed).
While Only Sarkin Kano Muhammadu Kukuna (1651-1652 & 1652-1660) of the Habe dynasty was able to return after he was ousted by his Cousin Muhammadu Soyaki (1651-1651). He later returned and overran Soyaki and became Sarkin Kano once again.As such, this record is up for the breaks as well.
Lastly, Emir MSII is still widely popular in Kano and even amongst Kano senior citizens and elders. The tafseer he rendered during this past Ramadan is a highlight of his still popularity among the people of Kano. One critical point here is the fact that Emir SanusiII is an Islamic scholar. The inclination of this with the religious nature of the Kano populace has continued to make Emir sanusi relevant and popular. As such a talk about him coming back cannot be escaped. Also among the influential Kano citizens, he’s also still relevant. Remember how the then Bashir Tofa led KCCI fought the Kano government over its feud with the Emir till the last point. It might be over now but a possible Aligning with Emir Sanusi II won’t be the worse idea for them. However, with all these in mind, it’s pretty obvious that MSII is at least gone for now and no possible way in any disposition (legal battle?) could make him return as the Amir of a once United Kano emirate.


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