Why Zonkwa Constituency Must Be Rescued, Says APC Aspirant Timbuark


An aspirant for the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Zonkwa Constituency, Hon Anthony Aliya Timbuark, said the area must be rescued from bad leadership.
Declaring his interest, Timbuark said his ‘New Deal’ plan will rescue the people of the area from people who lack the capacity to lead.
“We campaigned with the slogan “New Deal,” as we did in the previous election. We are more determined than ever to strike a new deal with the good and enlightened people of the Zonkwa Constituency.
“Ordinarily, I would have avoided this race, but I believe that with your help, we can fill the void left by vacuous representative leadership and get the best for our people.
“Our people’s experiences over the last three years have demonstrated that party platforms do not deliver the dividends of democracy; altruistic leaders who allow “self to die” so that they can live for the good of others, regardless of race or creed, do. As a result, I’d like to ask for your help in securing your beloved party’s ticket and then running in the general election if given the chance.
“I’ve since urged my campaign team to conduct themselves with the utmost decency, as the primary election is a contest between brothers and sisters. After the primaries, all hands must be on deck to ensure our party’s total victory,” Timbuark said while expressing optimism that the people will get it right this time around.
According to Timbuark, he is always eager to learn and improve adding that, “I have noted the areas where we excelled and those where our fallible nature took over. I’ve worked on the majority of them to strengthen us in both our areas of strength and weakness.
“Most cherished leaders of our party and various interest groups and communities, I’m glad to inform you that, after due consultation with family, friends, political associates, constituents, and stakeholders, I’d like to officially inform you of my intention to run for the position of Member, Kaduna State House of Assembly, representing the good people of Zonkwa Constituency on the platform of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC),” Timbuark added.
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