Why Tourism Boards Can’t Continue Staying Aloof To LOCs

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Like the Yorubas say, if Mohammed doesn’t go visiting the mountain, the mountain shouldn’t hesitate to pay Mohammed a visit.

This is what is expected of our tourism boards and LOCs in Africa.

Let me make it clear that the loc, sports commission or ministry isn’t in any way responsible for charging tourism/hospitality levy. They aren’t the ones that get paid for hotel licensing. The tourism board is.

So, they can be very unperturbed about how under-maximized the opportunities in a sporting event was.

Been the one who gets paid tourism/hospitality levies, I think the tourism board should care about the growth of the lodging industry in the given destination, by ensuring they encourage what will make hotels have good problem of hardly having room vacancy.

And we all can agree that sport is a pilgrimage that brings footfall like no other, so why must the tourism board wait to be approached by LOCs?

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