Why Tinubu/Osinbajo Relationship Projected Negatively- APC Chieftain


A senatorial aspirant under the All Progressives Congress for Taraba North, Ali Sani Kona, has described the contest between supporters of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and APC leader as healthy and that it was the media that defined it as a master/servant relationship which is not.

Kona while speaking with a group of journalists in Jalingo also berated politicians for attempting to discredit their opponents in the contest for the position of the President.

“The crisis between Osinbajo and Tinubu is a normal thing in life. Tinubu is our elder brother. It is a usual thing that the two leading candidates slug it out. They have a very good relationship but the press has defined the relationship to be a master-servant relationship- no, is not,” Kona stated.

According to him Tinubu is “the Principal but Osinbajo is the Vice President” and that their was no need to discredit the other in the contest for the President.

“We are talking about the contest of ruling this country where issues of morality, honesty, commitment would come to play and politicians as usual would want to discredit the other opponent. I am generalising now, PDP, APC.. I am not only talking about Osinbajo/Tinubu relationship,” he stated.

Kona however, described himself as a realist who is ready to give his people good representation.

“Majority of people know that I am a realist. The difference they would have is that i would be very realistic about my approach to government. Unlike what has been happening, they should be rest assured of honesty, sincerity of purpose and commitment for the cause of the northern zone of Taraba,” he added.

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