Why Nigeria Needs A New Population Census In 2022

It is long overdue the need for a new population figures in Nigeria, so as to ameliorate the growing agitations coming from all areas of our national life.

Build up to the 2023 general elections in the country, Nigerians would have some level of confidence on the need and success that will be recorded when census is conducted this year, to the conviction of the international communities and the possibility of conducting free, fair and credible elections next year.

Lack of accurate census figures had done alot of damages both to the social , political and economic development of the country, therefore precluding the need for all round security in all ramifications.

It is even more worrisome that the last population census carried out during an analogue period were human interference was prevalent and was the other of the day, it left many sections of the country in doubt on the veracity of the previous exercise, which was characterized with pockets of dissatisfaction and upheavals.

With high technological developement and breakthrough with digital process, the envisaged 2022 census will be less controversial, as records will be based on the activities of the high tech equipment deployed in the course of carrying out the exercise in 2022.

With the new platform, the repeat of the ugly situations in 20O6, 16 years down the line will be completely extincted, so as to ensure a generally acceptable outcome of this year’s population census.

No doubt, the federal government had mandated the new commission to do anything humanly possible to achieve a reliable census figures in the shortest possible time.

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The commission in line with the mandate of government had attracted the international communities and development partners who are ready to collaborate to ensure a hitch free exercise, given adequate supports in all areas.

Nigerians body language had portrayed the need to move the country from the doldrums of analogue, outdated and antiquated figures to a reliable one, that will be beneficial to both within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Without accurate population data, the country will not able to achieve social equilibrium and development that will attract a major and sustained development in line with the present realities.

The economic and political benefits is dependent on a new population data with huge benefits, that will address any unforeseen gap in the distribution of national assets and development.

With wholistic arrangements from the management of the National Population Commission NPC under Hon Nasir Isa Kwarra, all neccessary feasibility studies , stakeholders meetings, orientation and awareness campaigns for the forthcoming population census is on the high pedestal, towards the success of the forthcoming exercise.

The conclusion of the pre census, Pre-test exercises from the mapping out of Enumeration Area Demarcation EAD that had proved very successful across the country.

With trained and highly motivated staffers and acquisition of new and modern equipment, no doubt the desire of Nigerians and the international communities will be achievable with the forthcoming 2022 population census.

All hands must be on deck to achieve the desired results towards the success of this year’s census, as this will be a guarantee to continuous provision of required template with a view to ensuring a virile society.

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Written By Abubakar Yusuf.

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