Why I Want To Be Kaduna Governor – Rev Duya

Rev Andrew Duya is a clergyman and a security expert. In this interview, the philanthropist explains why he wants to be the next Governor of Kaduna State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) among other issues.

Why do you want to be Governor of Kaduna State?

I want to be the Governor of Kaduna state in order to rescue the state from the shackles of poverty, underdevelopment and insecurity currently ravaging the entire state. GOD has blessed our state with good soil, friendly vegetation and fine weather, great agricultural and natural resources.  Based on these, we should have no business or relationship with poverty. Our institutions that should bind us together have been bastardized and made irrelevant. The dividends of democracy are not distributed evenly. We can no longer sleep with our two eyes closed, we are not free in the night or day time. We can not go about our businesses freely. As farmers we can no longer go to the farms. We have been divided along religious and tribal bigotries. We are no longer our brothers’ keepers. God willing, all these abnormalities will be corrected within our first 100 days in office.

It seems you are the only one from Southern Kaduna that is aspiring for that office for now. Are you confident of winning?

I am very confident of winning because I have done my homework, I have consulted and still consult widely. I have interacted with both Christian and Muslim leaders; majority of our people are fed up and tired with the unproductive system of governance.  What is happening only favours the ruling class and we really want genuine change, not deceptive and one-sided change that is enslaving and denying us our genuine means of livelihood.

What would you do differently if you emerged governor?

By the grace of God, when I emerged as the Governor of Kaduna State, what we will do differently is: The Cabinet will be constituted of people who are forty years and below. I will be the oldest in the cabinet. We would run mass-participatory governance. The generality of the masses will participate in the decision-making process and execution of government projects and activities. We will run the government as a partnership with our communities. All projects to be sited in any community, such a community will own the project and will be made to see it as theirs, not government property.

Why are religious leaders shying away from partisan politics?

Sincerely, I don’t know, maybe it’s their orientation or the kind of environment they find themselves in. For instance, I have been in Lagos for over 26 years and have interacted with the Yorubas, Igbos and those from the Niger Delta and the Hausa communities in Lagos. I have attended several meetings with them and that has changed my orientation, my worldview and my entire understanding of issues. Again, I have worked with both local and International NGOs. All these, helped me to have a better understanding of issues of human development etc. Some denominations forbid their Ministers from participating in partisan politics. They will insist such Ministers should resign from the Ministry. I call on religious and denominational leaders to allow their Ministers to participate in active politics so that, together, we can salvage our state and country.

What is your call to Kaduna people?

My call to the people of Kaduna State is to reject that cursed and useless broom (I did not mention APC oooh!) that has swept away our liberties and brought misery and untold hardship and death to our people. That broom is the cause of our disunity, the broom encourages favouritism, impunity and unnecessary bloodshed. That broom belongs to the dustbin or junkyard, let’s send it there. The people of Kaduna State should unite in rejecting that wicked broom and never allow it again to go near the corridor of power. Finally, I call on every well-meaning citizen of Kaduna State, irrespective of tribe, religion, social, economical, gender or political inclination, to rise up in unison and support my aspiration because better days are coming. Kaduna will live in peace and prosperity again and I am quite sure that the Lord will heal and restore our state and make it the envy of other states.

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