‘Why 578m People May Become Diabetic By 2030’


Experts are predicting that by 2030, over 578 million people might become diabetic.

It was gathered that with the way and manner many people don’t care about their diet and the large numbers of untreated diabetic patients, the population of people living with diabetes will increase by 2030.

According to a senior consultant at the National Eye Centre, Dr Murtala Umar, inna lecturer titled: “Diabetes and the Eye,” during an event of the Catholic Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (CAMPAN) in Kaduna, diabetic patient could become blind eventually if not treated at early stages of discovery.

He said even although the body cannot function effectively without sugar, but Umar warns that poorly controlled sugar level is detrimental to most organs of the body, which could lead to blindness.

Umar said 463 million adults are at present diabetic, adding that, ” it has the tendency of increasing to 578 million globally by 2030 if unchecked.

“Consistent high sugar level damages blood vessels and other organs, such as the kidney, heart, eye, liver, and brain but the eye shows quick damage which is a window to the brain.

“Retina can be affected by diabetes which could lead to blindness. Poorly controlled diabetes led to cataract and other eye challenges. Watery eyes and discharges could be as a result of diabetes complications,” he said.

Umar disclosed that millions of deaths are directly attributed to diabetes every year, adding that the number have been increasing over the past few decades.


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