Who’s An Atheist

By Ajeigba Tunmise Joseph

Who’s an atheist?
One selfish believer,
Many will say he’s a deceiver
Always delivering piece of rumor,
Seeing himself in the room of freedom.

Who’s an atheist?
Apostate of the Apostolic
To a spread of the even gospel,
Eye opener for personal liberty.

Who’s an atheist?
A critic for the theist.
He who condemns Abraham’s
Path to dominate the world with anxiety.

Who’s an atheist?
The acceptor no God
Believing one-day he will be no more,
Seeking for evidence of hereafter.

Who’s an atheist?
Castigator of the Muslim’s tenet
Critisizer of the Christian’s testament
Fault-finders in the faith of the jew.

Forever on the prove of cosmology,
There must be a cause for all causes,
There must be a reason for reasoning,
If God created everything,
Who created the God?

The belief of the athiest
Having no blame for God
On bad lucks and bewitchments.

A golden belief that says:
“The God of all believers and all the
Theists is an atheist that always
Believe in self-supremacy and physicality”


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