Whither Southern Kaduna Politicians In The Face Of The Ongoing Genocide Against The Homeland?

If it is well and there is peace in the land, for God’s sake let us go out and play politics. Just in case our people do not yet know, War in itself is an extension of the frontiers of politics by other means. It has become expedient that I enquire from our politicians as to what strategic ends they seek under the current insecurity particularly ongoing in Southern Kaduna. Are you guys not concerned over the plight of our hapless population now effectively under the Fulani sword? What shall it benefit you after you may have been voted into the political offices you all like flies are scrambling for? Waite a minute, who, if not the same population now under the sword will vote for you if you by your conspiracy of silence continue playing the ostriches? How are you even sure if there will be a country by 2023 the year you expect to be voted into office?

Are you guys all of you Southern Kaduna politicians so dumb that you cannot speak out for the same people you are currently masquerading as their representatives? What and who are you shy or scared of? It is a shame that you guys are full of double speak and therefore speaking from both sides of your stinking mouths. If you must know, we know the traitors amongst you who will say one thing to the people only to say different things before those same forces oppressing your own people. Are you people truly representing our people or your selfish self’s? As the Homeland burns and as the mass graves are littering the spaces, as the number of widows and orphans continue to mount where is your compassion? You can keep your filthy lucre for yourselfs and your immediate families if you fail to speak out the case of our people. The soils of the Homeland are crimson red with the blood of our innocent brethren despatched to the great beyond by the agents of death. Why have you chosen to look on without raising your voices in sympathy or condemnation?

You are not smart by being taciturn while our people travail. We have read the sad story of Judas Iscariot in the Holy Book and cannot not claim not to know how he ended There cannot be anything worth more than our liberties as a people. The aggressors, the Fulani Feudal class and the imported Fulani militia know it too well that they have never come close to defeating our people in a fair contest of wills. This is why they are now adopting a strategy of cowardly sneaking in the dead of night to incenerate sleeping families in their homes. They standby to shoot down anyone young and old trying to escape the inferno. How many of your were worthy of an invitation to the recent jamboree effectively concealed as the wedding of the.Presidents son in Bichi and Kano? Is it not true that as the jamboree was on the Fulani militia was poised to strike the villages of Ma Dooh near Mabushi, Takkanai and Sako all in Zangon Kataf LGA? If indeed the people voted this evil regime into office, we owe it an obligation to speak out against the evil that has seized our land by the throat. Deeply embedded in the Kaduna State government are individuals from our own stable who are ready to walk naked on the streets as a mark of their loyalty to the governmemt. Shame, shame and shame to those.

Are our people aware that it is a bunch of stark illiterates that are being used to wage this unjust aggression against the Homeland? It is without a doubt that these illiterates are hired and paid by the Feudal class as well as those sitting in the Government Houses as our governors who have the principal responsibility of keeping all of us safe but who are complicit in what is playing out. The Fulani and their sponsors can dream their dreams of supplanting our people from off our ancestral lands but God willing that dream will remain but a dream. One major thing working against our people remains that the government has never allowed our people to independently choose their leadership. Under a dubious scheme requiring the kingmakers to forward.3 names to the State government for consideration the same government subverts the will of the people by largely appointing stooges who will always be ready to play the government’s card rather than that of those who they claim to be acting in their interest. Those in the traditional institution who are traitors to our people must know that they are living on borrowed time and the message for such is you either truly serve your communities by defending their interest or you are in your own. To God Be The Glory.



Gora Albehu Dauda
Email albehudaudagora@gmail.com

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