When Will I Rule The World?

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

When will the entire world
See me to put smile on their faces?
When will I have the senses
That I am too favoured and graced?
When will I welcome my precious time?

On the global throne of earth,
When will I have my pleasure seat?
When will my senses of reasoning
Tell me that I am a symbol of blessing?
When will I have my blissful moment?

When will the entire world start putting
All my actions in record?
When will I have the sensation
That I am created to rule not to be ruled?
When will I host my golden period?

When will the entire world
Consider to give me the noble honour?
When will I start using my mouth
To control the goodness of earth?
When I have the paramount authority?

When will I start showing up
All that my kept iconic behaviors?
When will I start gaining
All that promised global recognition?

When will I start
Feeding the world with my brain?
When will all those prophecies
Start coming to pass on me?

Oh my lovely creator but when!
When will you hear my louder voice?
I really want to have the feelings
That I am created for a special purpose.

If all my prayers are to be answered,
I will not come to the world
And die without ruling it,
I am sure that you are aware of this.

Give me power to conquer
All my enemies,
And the excellent strength
To sit on the global throne of earth.

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