What Ashiru Says About Governance In Kaduna State

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the 2019 gubernatorial election in Kaduna State, Hon Isa Ashiru has said that since the All Progressives Congress (APC) takeover power, nothing is working in the State.

According to Ashiru, the people of the state have been impoverished as a result of the capitalist style of governance of the Nasir el-Rufai’s led administration.

Ashiru said people hardly eat in Kaduna state as a result of insecurity, the sacking of workers without payment of entitlements and displacement of people from their business places.

“Nothing is working in Kaduna state. People hardly eat. The education sector has become something else. The poor can’t go to school because of hike in school fees,” Ashiru said.

Speaking in a Radio programme, Ashiru said: “What is happening in Kaduna is terrible. We now have a garrison commander that don’t listen to anyone but do anything he want. His actions and inactions has brought us to this situation.

“Nothing is working in Kaduna. People can’t eat three times a day. People cannot go to their farms. People are being kidnapped like sheep. And money must be collected. We are in a terrible situation and it’s only God will help you,” Ashiru said.

According to Ashiru, “We’ve not seen any positive thing the government has done in the last six years. The education they have been bragging about, you are from Kaduna state, go to Ikara and see the roof of the schools. You will regret what you will see. They are just repairing fences instead of class rooms.”

On the issue of free education in Kaduna State, Ashiru said students have been protesting as a result of hike in school fees.

“This is a terrible issue. If these students begin protest, no one will be safe. In Nigeria, we’ve not seen this kind of situation. We established Kaduna State University (KASU) to help our citizens because several youths were at home without admission. It was during the Makarfi’s administration. The school fees was pegged in such a way that parents will be able to pay. Apart from that, several people got jobs as a result of the establishment of this university. The University emerged 10 among universities in Nigeria in terms of research.

“How do we achieved these without increasing the school fees? Closing of school is dangerous,” Ashiru disclosed further.

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While condemning the spate of kidnapping in the state, Ashiru said: “Now, parents can’t go to farm. This issue is very serious. Nothing is moving in the state. School Fees now N300,000, who will pay? In Kano, they have several state institutions. ABU Zaria is for everybody. KASU is for the Kaduna State indigenes. The businesses parents were doing before, they can’t do it again because they have been displaced.

“He (el-Rufai) was the one leading protest against the PDP. He said PDP was the problem of Kaduna state. What is happening in our state now Ashiru disclosed, adding, “We know why they became afraid and shifted the election to August. May God take us to August. We are ready, we will protect the votes of the people. The masses have nothing to do with APC not only in Kaduna but Nigeria. We will win. In 2017, it was shifted several times. You saw what happened in Kajuru. You saw what happened in Chikun.

“People are ready,” Ashiru said of the plans of Kaduna people who are desperately waiting for voting time.

“I want to assure you that the masses are ready. When they say the election was postponed because of battery from China, we know that the batteries are in Lagos. In 12 local governments, APC could not conduct primaries until the last day, they just forwarded names. Just wait and see what will happen in this election. For our party, we conducted our primaries in 23 LGAs and names were forwarded on time with the supervision of SIECOM and security agencies,” Ashiru said.

“We will face the people and ask for their support. We conducted our congresses peacefully PDP is on ground in Kaduna State. We are supposed to correct the government but when you speak, the government don’t take correction. They are asking little children to abuse elders. We know what is politics and we are peace loving people. We will continue to conduct ourselves in peaceful manner,” Ashiru added.

According to Ashiru, “If election time comes, we will come out and vote We will show them that the people are the government. People will protect their votes. I am appealing to the people of Kaduna State to be patience. By the grace of God, we will correct all the anomalies. We told them of what will happen but some of them could not listen. Everyone have learned his or her lessons.”

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