Watch Your Tonque El-rufa’i. Don’t Ever Dare The Lion..

By Sheriff Aminu Ahlan

It quite amusing to watch little dreamers hallucinating and wallowing in their cocoon of self deception, wrapped with foolish egocentric feeling of being big and mighty while they are mere rats still crawling to grave of political extinction. An opportunist little brats who were accidentally in power and rather then confine themselves to their little fortunate, they drunkenly believed they too have arrived and can therefore challenge and rub shoulder with established gurus. A myopic suicidal confrontation that would sooner or later bring down the roof on top of their ambitious illusionary dreams.
One of such of character is the current governor of Kaduna State Mal Nasir El-rufai. His penchant for controversy and open confrontation with his elders benefectors whom have one time or the other played a significant role in his accidental raise to power is legendary. His lengthy and unrealistic ambition to be the President or at least a Vice President in 2023 election is an open secret. And this blindfolded yearning for power made him to foolishly started making unguarded and suicidal statements against the worldly recognized Political Guru, the Jagaban of Nigerian political play ground and undisputed Chieftain of the ruling party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. During the Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola colloquium on Saturday, the Kaduna State governor openly said he and Tinubu are not friends. He also went ahead to eulogized the celebrant and in the same breath gave him a dog tag. Revealed that Aregbesola is a poodle. In his own words “Iam not an Asiwaju’s man. Asiwaju and I have our differences but you..”.
In a clear mark of loyalty, Aregbesola proved to the world that he is exactly what El-rufai branded him. He said ” The second person who has played a very huge role in making me a good administrator is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. He (Tinubu) takes all the glory, apart from God”.
A commendable response to the man who is a selfish, arrogant and self-centered who mastered the act of deception and treacherous attitude through out his political journey. Refers to how he payback his benefectors including Ex-Vp Atiku and Obasanjo .
Infact no politician worth his salt would even like to associate himself with El-rufai who have of recent lost grip of any support from his own people in the north due to his arrogance tendency and poor handling of the current world most catastrophic epidemic Covid 19 in his state. The tragic menace has exposed his arrogance and nonchalant attitudes to the feelings of his subjects. His political relevance if any had been demolished and one can bet his last penny that the man can’t even win a councillor election from his ward in any future electoral contest. But ironically, he failed to swallow this naked truth behaving as if he is possessed and destined for doom.
How on earth would the man even dream of challenging Jagaban or even dream that Asiwaju may need his support in his political aspirations ?. What gives him the audacity, guts and aura of power to openly challenge and draws a line with the all powerful Jagaban ? It may be a curse placed on a political drowning man..
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is with no iota of doubt the most influential and powerful Politician in Nigerian political horizon. No mortal can dispute the fact that he is at the moment an Indisputable authentic Godfather that has remained unchallenged which no politician dare toy with in our modern day political terrain.
Note that Tinubu is a visionary man, Intellectually endowed full of political acumen, sagacity and unrivalled wisdom.
Almost all the governors in the ruling party are loyal to Asiwaju who assisted most of them in getting breakthrough during 2015 and 2019 election. He has breed and groomed many politicians across the country who are now Senators, House of Representatives members, Ministers, Governors, State House of Assembly members, Chairmen of Federal Boards, Secretaries generals of different agencies and parasatals.
Not mention the National Chairman of the party Adams Oshimole who has always been faithful to Tinubu because of Asiwaju readiness to sacrifice everything to ensure Oshimole to remains in power. Speaker of the House of Representatives is staunch adherent of Tinubu. Senate President is loyal to Asiwaju…… Enough for you, so-called Mallam.
Is even misnomer to be comparing El-rufai with Tinubu, because Asiwaju is an institution that produces. Jagaban is a FATHER of all FATHER’S..

Shariff Aminu Ahlan
Deputy National Coordinator North.
Tinubu National Youth Initiative (TINYI)..

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