US NGO To Rescue Orphanage Homes In Nigeria

HEaLPERS Inc USA, a non governmental organization (NGO) in collaboration with Destined Children Orphanage Home has out of passion concluded plans to host fundraising to provide a loving, stable family and home environment for less fortunate children in Nigeria.

Speaking at the press conference held yesterday in Abuja, the chairman of the foundation president Estella Ijeoma Ogbonna said, “Our hope is to nurture the innate talents and gifts of each child and give them the opportunity in life.

“I have had feelings for orphanages all my life and it is because my mum taught me since I was a kid on why it is good to help people. So I was privileged to be going out with my mum and I was the only child of my mum so I was privileged to have everything.

“My mum taught me that there are people that do not have so there is need to go out there and offer a helping hand to them. So it is part of my life to dash out so I learned that from my early age to give out to people.

“I adopted an orphan from this particular orphanage home, (Destined Children Orphanage Home) in 2020 and that is while I have this special treatment for this very orphanage home.”

Mrs Ogbonna however stated that she found out that the owner of the orphanage home in 2020, died but her kids tried but they came back in 2021 that they want to sell the property. So they gave notice that they wanted to sell the property so they moved into this very particular building. So they changed schools for the kids because they have to change them to a school that is nearby this place.

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She further said that she has a background in NGO and worked in an orphanage home between 2014 and 2015 when I came back to Nigeria to stay a bit. So it is part of me and I have done fundraising like this in the USA just like a hobby.

My personal goal in life is to build four orphanage homes before I die by the grace of God.

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