Unity….One Reaction That Can Change Nigeria For Good

By Oluwa Tunmise

Suffering and smiling to all Nigerians,
Due to the vagabonds in power in Nigeria.
If the authorities are into stealing?
The individuals will become a beast of no nation.
When confusion had broken bones;
Basket mouth began to get leaked.
Act of making godfathers, a solid foundation to zombies in power.
If Nigeria were a sailing ship in the past,
Unity would never allow it to get sunk.
Where is the ship today? It is about to capsize.

Packages of expensive shits,
A price to one’s future during the election period.
It never too late for Nigerians to recall;
That reasoning is an antidote for foolishness,
To fold arms today as if things are looking good,
It is like automatically enslaving the future.
Sufferings are never the best medicine for Nigerians,
Humans love to claim the best creature on earth.
If Nigeria were a moving vehicle in the past,
Unity would never allow it to have an accident.
Where is the vehicle today? It is about to crash.

If all problems should have a solution,
It is proven that the God is never a magician, but a powerful being.
If birds can fly freely in the sky without any parachute,
It is a symbol of greatness of the Most-high.
It may be difficult for Nigerians to forget about the past;
Though, it is better to make friends with our future.
If Nigeria were a living human in the past,
Unity would never allow him to feel sick.
Where is the living human today? He is about to die.

So sorry, if bad trees cannot produce good fruits,
Bad leadership can never produce good governance.
Such government can only produce ‘disunity’.
It is a simple irreversible reaction.

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