United Summit Friends Decorates Diaspora Coordinator

The national secretariat of the United summit friends development association has decorated its coordinator incharge of diaspora matters, Alhaji Babagana Mustapha usfda with his certificate and muffler.

The coordinator of the association, Mr Nathaniel O Michael emphasised that the roles being played by the likes of the diaspora coordinator is immense and tremendous hence the recognition.

There is no way we can develop our country amid ethnic division,religious bigotry and other negativities presently jeopardising our unity and oneness.

Therefore, our brothers and sisters in diaspora who are our contacts with the international community must be encouraged and motivated to continue to redeem and promote our image inthe positive way.

Other national and association officials present includes Squadron leader rtd Sule, Hon Suleiman Yunusa BOT/ National financial secretary,Isiaka Kola Felix,Roland Josiah Azrie, Agbaje Adebayo zonal coordinator South West, Mariam Mohammed northern women leader as well as the national media director comrade Salihu Dantata Mahmud.

In his remarks, the diaspora coordinator thanked the Association for choosing the path of reuniting a divided people in the country.

He implored all Nigerians both at home and abroad to embrace the noble vision and mission of the United summit friends development association inorder to get it right on political, economic, foreign, security and other important aspects of human living.

Highlights of the event commenced with media interview, red carpet photograph and interview as well as exchange of atete atete.

The national coordinator lamented the poor consideration of unifying virtue,selflessness and competence in the choice of electing leaders both at state and Federal.

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Mr Michael appealed to Nigerian electorates to change tactics of electoral choices by giving support to only credible,patriotic and competent irrespective of tribe and religion.

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