#TwitterBan Time To Say No More To Global Disrespect On Our Citizens

I have been calling for this kind of treatment from our government on anyone who dares to abuse or disrespect any of our citizens outside or inside this our sovereign and independent nation.

Disrespect Nigeria or any Nigerian for no justified reason, we give you a dose of the same medicine. Period. After all, we see many disregard for almost all Nigerians for no reason except for the faults of a few bad eggs.

Refuse us Visa, we refuse you same. Refuse our exports entering your country, we block your products on our land. Embarrass our green passport carriers at your airports, we detain you for no tangible reason too.

Abuse any Nigerian or kill one unjustifiably, we raise hell and send your diplomatic envoy home pronto! Make any of our citizens suffer for coming into your country, we feed yours with the same medicine.

As for Facebook, copycatting Twitter, GBAM! Let them know that we mean business. Shut them down too and any other SM company that commonize our sensitivity, till some respect is earned.

We’ll help them count the million dollar losses they’ll incur. And if other countries should take a cue from our civilized protest, by God another economic melt down will occur for SM companies.

Let’s sit down and re-negotiate all Terms and Conditions pls. After all, this world is an Animal Farm. Apologies to George Orwell (1984?) Animal na animal, so no animal important pass another, abeg. But we know all animals are not equal, still let there be no bias.

We can clearly remember Twitter’s role in #EndSARS, CNN’s role in #LekkiMassacre2020, Facebook’s role in #ArabSpring and again we are having #ipob terrorising innocent Nigerians and the country’s C-in-C shouldn’t sound a word of warning to them? Habaa!

Well on a final note, why can’t we use this development as an opportunity to challenge our IT engineers to create our own versions of all these social media platforms. With our 200 million plus population we should be good to indulge in our own SM exchanges.

That all.


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