Tuition Fees Hike: We’ll Make You Politically Irrelevant Over Silence, Students Tell Lawmakers

The Students Wing of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), has vowed to make Kaduna State House of Assembly members politically Irrelevant if they should failed to intervene on the tuition fee increase by the State Government.

In a statement, the National Coordinator of the SOKAPU students, Comrade Kogi Theophilus also expressed concerned by the utterances of the Kaduna State deputy governor, Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarebe.

Hadiza, who is also from Southern Kaduna, had justify the tuition fee hike.

But the students lamented that despite uproar in different quarters across the State, the elected representatives at the Kaduna State House of Assembly choose to remain silent.

“What surprises and worry us the more is that we have our representatives at the Kaduna State House of Assembly that have never said anything concerning this serious matter, stressing we are calling them to order to intervene against this hike. If they continue to be dormant, we will ensure that they are made politically irrelevant at the next election.

The group while expressing dismay by the Kaduna State Deputy Governor, said,” We are deeply disappointed by her utterances. We had admired her from afar with inspiration.

Adding,” We thought she was a moderate politician helping ease some of the harsh policies of this government, adding we expected her to show compassion for the children of the widows and the less privileged among us but it was unfortunate that she was part of this inhuman increment.,” The lamented.

” The Deputy Governor who was to be seen as a mother to us and one who haven been trained from Primary to the University by the Kaduna State Government for free, dismissed the massive increment as “small” to the KASU Students representatives who went to solicit for a reduction in the fees.

According to them the 500% increase in the tuition fee across all tertiary Institutions in the State that has made State own Institution to be far the most expensive amongst States in Nigeria will force alot of students to drop out of School.

The group explained that it appears that the School Management of KASU has infiltrated the leadership of the Student Union Government (SUG).

For example, the student in the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences took an undertaking with their records, date, signed by each student of the faculty, that if they are involved in any demonstrations, they will be expelled from the Institution.

“In the case of Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, it has been gathered that their final year students are focused on graduating this year and as such, they are frustrating the peaceful demonstration against a wicked increment that will spell doom for our future. This is worrisome as it is a sign of fear and defeat even before a struggle has began.

The union also called on the students not to be deceived or intimidated to allow the hike in tuition fees become a reality.

“Like Martin Lurther King Jnr said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

” If we don’t stand together with a voice, the new fees will force most of us to drop out of school. If we don’t stand up against this unacceptable hike in school fees and we are forced to drop out of school, our next generation will also have no hope to further their education. No honour will be accorded to us by the next generation.

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