The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” –Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

― Aristotle,

It is petinent to apply cogent business model in the hospitality industry in other to stay above the trajectory of an unbalanced hospitality patronage.

This ranges form food and drinks, leisure provision, functions of different kinds and other provisional services.

We all know that some day, this pandemics will be over and businesses will come to full operation and the graph of our expected profitability will pull upwards.

However, it is important to note that; nothing just happen in business, without a conscious effort to intelligently, skillfully and understandably build up all forms of business structure for our hospitality businesses in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Since this is a global pandemic that has altered our way of life in terms of day to day personal and business activitiess and interactions with one another, the training interface in the hospitality industry, with regards to the altered modus operandi in our conventional restaurants, eateries and the varying services provided by the hotel and tourism industry is now an emergency.

I would like to stress out here that ” what we know how to do before now, may not be able to counter insufficient technical knowledge going forward, hence the need to systematically improve on our line if hospitality knowledge as a growing concern for the future that is next door”. Let me puncture our complacency of the past with these words for a hospitality practitioners.

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“There are certain things customers will expect going forward. Contactless experiences will be important. We also believe that travellers will demonstrate preferences for hotels, restaurants and lodging facilities that communicates enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols. The focus is on being clinically clean from aesthetically clean.” Anumeha Chatuvedi, April 2020.

“More than 3,200 Marriott hotels are offering guest check-in and room access through their smartphones.

Those guests can also use their phones to order room service or make other hotel requests.

“Hilton, meanwhile, is expanding its Digital Key service, allowing guests to check in and enter their rooms using their smartphones.” Natalie B. Compton. April 2020.

“To minimalize the personal contacts pre arrival registration on-line will allow guests the opportunity to have as small amount of time in public areas as possible. It may also advance further and quicker the use of electronic locks that use Bluetooth and RFID technology, which companies like Starwood and Hilton have been working towards for some time.” Sheetal Girdhari, April 2020.

It is evident that all these postulations from professionally inclined practitioners can not be jettisoned. Hence, the training interface is critical at this point in the life of the hospitality industry in Nigeria and the world at large.

The training activities to be engaged in by hotel owners using seasoned consultants in the industry is pivotal. Here are some of the areas of immediate concerns for trainings and building of capacity.

1. Communication: The communication network for the hospitality industry will certainly change wether it is vertical, horizontal or the conventional haphazard communication.

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The way way engage our guest has to be more technological with little contact both for lodging and meal experience.

This is because the social distancing measures will certainly be complyed with in other for all guest and customers alike to be comfortable. Deployment of new soft wares where guests can even book for meals from a soft ware package from the guests comfort zone. This will reduce contacts with hard wares that may be carriers of what ever we are afraid of.

Key strategic workforce of your hotel need to be trained to meet up with this imminent challenge post Covid-19. There is there fore the need to start training now.
In the same respect, the internal form of communication among member staff will have to be with less contact, while deploying more of mobile technology.

2. Training for services: it is no longer a news that the social distancing measures must be adhered to as long as the covid -19 pandemic is still an issue of a contagion.
The way we lay our tables in the restaurant, banquet and room service must change to capture this going concerns. Like i pointed out out in my recent article on titled “MISENPLACE FOR POST COVID-19 HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES.” Hotels would have to be as clinical as the hospital; in our service approach.

3. Restricted Interactions: Internal interactions during production and service activities will have to change to adapt to the new normal. No clustering of work force for what ever reason, and unnecessary waiting time of guest wether at service points or leisure spaces.

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This includes sitting arrangement other work postions at bars, swimming pool gym services etc.

Staffers need to be trained to be in compliance with this new normal as provided by our consulting firm.

4. The use of PPE and Health compliance Checklists: It is evident that the use of personal protective equipments may not be very comfortable for staff because they are not health practitioners: but it is now compulsory to always wear this PPE while on duty and also to be trained to comply with the new standard operating systems for our personal safety in the hotel space.

For hotels and other allied hospitality services to be able to win the confidence of their clienteles, both corporate and individual guests.
As we begin to see an ease of the lockdown across the world, travels and tours may gradually upsurge and of course their destinations will be hotels and other accommodation services.

Welcome to the future which our world has consciously altered, start living it now!

Napoleon Mamman- mimc, mnchi, HATMAN.
Principal consultant- Napsman consulting-( 08069145833)

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