Trade Union Laws Not Cover For Irresponsibility – Kaduna Government

Kaduna State Government has said that it won’t pay 100,000 workers while ignoring 10 million people’s welfare, stating that trade union laws are not meant to be use for irresponsibility.

The government, while trying to stop the organised union from embarking on their planned total shutdown of Kaduna over the sacking of over 40,000 workers in the state, said they did not campaign on a platform of tired populism.

“The trade union laws of this country are not a cover for irresponsibility, and therefore everyone concerned should be rightly guided,” the Commissioner of Local Government Affairs, Malam Jafaru Sani said during a press conference.

He also alleged that the union is planning to hire hoodlums to carry out the protest.

But the State Council of the NLC through their Secretary, Comrade Christiana John Bawa, directed workers to disregard the government’s circular against the five days warning strike beginning from Monday.

“As in 2017, the Kaduna State government will not subject its policy to the veto of a mob. This government did not campaign on a platform of tired populism and it was not elected to practice timidity as public policy. It is not about to create the mistaken impression that it has much fiscal wiggle room as a subnational or that it is the supreme goal of government to pay 100,000 people while ignoring the larger public welfare of 10m citizens,” the government said.

The government also said that, “the planned strike action and shutdown are futile gestures, just like Ayuba Wabba’s bluster and histrionics in 2017. KDSG has notified the security agencies who would take steps to thwart the violent intent of the organisers. Apart from the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 protocols, a ban on public processions subsists in this state. This was imposed precisely because of the violence that has frequently broken out from such processions even when they began with innocent intent.

“For its part, KDSG will protect its facilities and the right of its staff to access and work in their offices. It is unlawful for anyone to try to deny them access or exit. Government offices are not the property of any trade unionist and none of them should entertain thoughts of locking up or vandalizing any facility,” the government added.

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