To Get Loved Is To Get Lost

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Towards the way of getting full access to you,
I lost my certificate.
I heard that you are the magnet
That keeps the world in existence,
You are the server that aids
The technology of social media,
Like love, you are ruling and also ruining the planet.

A noble attempt to feel loved,
One can tend to welcome a joy-given art as a deceitful practice,
Why have you never work for me in my life?
You claim to be the first union before marriage, isn’t it?
Love! you have misled the world.

The magic behind affections of one’s souls,
You connected doubt and brilliance together.
You are the evaluator of maturity,
Your action shows you are a function of your opposed qualities.
Love! You that have condensed the humankind.

Your stories will be forever remembered in the sense of your victims,
You are the subject of living that is blind in nature,
To love; the beginning of temptation,
In love; the assumption of best life.
Only love can create happiness and destroy its goodness.

Oh love, I know I can’t escape you in my journey,
I promise not to rush into your captivity,
I hope my soul-mate is smiling in America.

In the real world, love equals life,
In the world of today, to get loved is to get lost.

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