Time Upon Time

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Time upon time,
Children of then are innocent of crimes,
Adults of now are the intimate of prison.
Humanity turns the centre of injustice.

Time upon time,
Changes are meant to be permanent,
But rest’ is not given until last breath,
A countdown to calender of the grave,

Time upon time,
Cries and laughters are mixed with trust,
Shadow; man’s companion during night,
Men are to face the wishes of witches.

Time upon time,
Life is the ability of man to fight battles,
Success means having the world at hand,
Fulfillment is the master of human desires.

A time will come to stop the time of now,
The clock will be ceased for its obligation,
Owner of the world shall come to claim it,
All the hidden dreams will appear in reality.

Finally, Bye bye to the era of who is who,
Reality to see the human rotten exposure,
Happiness in face the righteous creatures,
The true truth shall be exposed to all.

Time upon time,
Everything that live today shall finally leave,
Everyone powerful now shall be powerless.

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