This Is War, By Vincent Bodam

Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese war strategist. In his book “The Art Of War” he teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy not coming, but on our readiness to receive him.” “Make your way by unexpected routes and attack unguarded spots.” he further states.

It is clear War has been declared by bandits in the country and the North especially. Southern Kaduna in its splendour of natural beauty is unavoidably an attraction to these marauders. As a matter of fact, war may be declared without an announcement. It just comes to you and if you are not ready like the enemy, you will suffer defeat in quantum margins.

For a long time now, these bandits have been holding sway from east, west, north and south of the state, but with special interest in southern kaduna. They come in the dead of the night to kill, burn, loot and displace the villagers. In the cities, they ram down fences and abduct innocent people for ransoms in their homes! They invade schools and move out school children into the bushes unchallenged. They keep them there for as long as they deem fit till they are satisfied with the ransom receive. They dare the government, they dare the police. They dare the army. And the president cannot do anything about it even as the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces.

Northerners who are envied to be the ones with with power at the top, are the ones going through hell and by geographical expression, we are Northerners. There is palpable fear in the hearts, homes, towns, schools and roads of Northerners today everywhere you go. If you wake up alive in the morning, you have to thank God.

Questions begging for Answers:

1. Are the bandits more in number than our security architecture? Or are they better equipped or trained?

2. Are the bandits the only ones eating the ransoms they collect from victims?

3. Why has the DSS been incapable of gathering information that can lead to arrests of culpable people? But they were able to gather information in foreign lands to get to Nnamdi Kanu?

4. Why is Government not listening to Sheik Gumi if they have been technically defeated by the bandits, because it is obviously apparent that they are clueless or unperturbed.

5. Why is the government not allowing the possession of arms by citizens since it has become a war zone? How are the bandits having access to such weapons of maximum lethal capabilities unabated?

6. Has government appeared serious in this fight or are they handling them with kid gloves as suspected by many Nigerians due to consanguinity?

7. Are the citizens right to say that government has failed woefully even with the massive budgets on security?

Suffice it to say, hunger and food scarcity will hit Nigerians in the coming months as farmers cannot go to farm due to the same issues. Food prices will rise and poverty levels will increase. Many schools in the outskirts will no longer function and education will also feel the bite! We are surely living in dangerous times. The president must know that right under his watch, many people are dying in the hands of bandits or forced to part with their hard-earned resources as ransoms. IDPs are on the rise and villages are deserted for fear of the marauders.

In kaduna state, the governor is more concerned with his ego than the lives of the citizens that is why he set up a committee to look into how to deal with the NLC for challenging his policies rather than setting a committee that will advise on what to do with this menace that is a clear and present danger. At the Federal level, the president is also on an ego trip by asking for over 4b to be handed to the NIA to monitor WhatsApp messages and other communications of Nigerians apparently to thwart attempts to topple his government when they should be seeking to intercept bandits calls. As Ordinary Nigerians, we can only pray or rise!

So help us God!

Bodam Vincent writes From Kaduna

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