The Significance Of World Photography Day 2020

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Let us deeply understand what a photograph actually tries to convey. A photo is nothing but a mixed bag of emotions taking place at a particular instant of time, expressed beautifully through the art of photography.

It communicates unlimited feelings and emotions to the person who clicks the photograph and to those who enjoy the photograph. The day is very significant and holds a special mention in the modern world. People hold various discussions on this eventful day.

The most significant part is to encourage young budding professionals and interested candidates to pursue photography as a passion. The significance also comprises in motivating students to treat photography as a career.

Photography could be a rewarding profession too! Many of us aren’t even aware of the various fields in photography. Through a special day meant for photography, we could overcast the various open fields in a photography career.

Various personalities across the world have tasted immense success in areas like wildlife photography, nature photography, childhood photography and similar themes.

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