The Paradise For Few, That Requires Hell For Many

By James Patrick

I will be as plain as I could be in this write up. At this point of our lives here in Nigeria, there is absolutely nothing to hide. We are terribly suffering in this country. Our sufferings have gotten to the zenith and it’s no gainsaying to say it is CAPITALISM that invented this unprecedented hardship and excruciating poverty we are facing right now. Let be drop this as an eye opener that, CAPITALISM has no race, it has no region, it has no religion. Capitalism is run by a Capitalist, who is only driven by one single word: PROFIT! Our greatest undoing in this country is that we have naively chosen to elect rulers who are capitalist in nature rather than electing leaders who are Humanitarian in nature. It is only a leader who is driven by the suffering of humanity that can take us out of this economic quagmire that we now find ourselves. If we keep on electing Capitalist whose aim is to make or accumulate humongous profit at all means, we might keep suffering till infinitum!

It is very paramount to note that all the social vices you see today all over our society, like: Corruption, bribery, untimely death, insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping, arm robbery, etc just name it, are directly connected to capitalism. Capitalism alway stands on the premise or on the foundation of exploitation. It either it is the exploitation of the poor to remain poorer, the exploitation of natural resources to create avoidable natural disaster for the sole aim of making profit.

The main essence of capitalism is to make few richer while at the same time, making a large segment of the society to remain extremely poor with no hope of ever getting out of penury. It is a wicked economic structure that makes the economic atmosphere conducive for a very minut privileged few at the detriment of the masses. It is like a coin, for one side of a coin to be facing up, the other side must be facing down. One of the clearest portrait that could help us understanding this exploitative economic system in Nigeria, is the onion or tomato basket. The smaller onions, which are usually the largest in number inside a basket are always at the bottom part of the basket while the bigger onions, which are very few in number stay at the top of the basket. We can vividly depict two very important lessons from this picture of the onions inside a basket. One, for the few big onions to remain at the top of the basket, many small once have to be at the bottom part of the basket. They are the once who help to push the few bigger once to the top of the basket. Secondly, the small onions are been submerged, subjugated, jamb-packed and in most cases, they remain invincible at the bottom layer of the basket, while the few big once are visibly shining at the top of the basket.

This is what the capitalist system we find ourselves is all about. This is exactly how an exploitative system like ours function – this is a perfect picture of how it looks like. For our fiend Politicians and their cohorts to be super wealthy, we the electorate must pay the price by remaining extremely poor. For people like Dangote to be the richest man in Africa, we must have a confused population of over hundred million people who are living below two dollar per day. For our brainless politicians to have enough to steal, then there must be millions of jobless and hopeless graduates, roaming about the streets of Nigerian, begging for what to do to earn a legitimate form of living. For our traditional rulers to be riding on Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ferrari, there must be an army of wretched peasant farmers working like elephant but eating like helpless ants, scattered all over our communities here in Nigeria.

This is a big lesson to all Nigerian who care to see a better country for themselves and their unborn children. Stop electing business men in disguise as politicians and you are hoping to have good road, jobs or good health care system. A business man should have nothing to do with politics – never! because he or she is only there for the gain in it, for the profit. A capitalist should never by any means be allowed to rule this great country any more, if not, we should expect more hardship in the nearest future. The best way to know those Politicians who are real capitalist seeking for political position is simple those who come with lots of cash to spray around during election. Most of the cash they give during elections is the investment they are making, expecting to recuperate all their investment when they get into power and make mouth watering profits also. They give you peanuts to buy your votes, but you end up repaying them back with your glorious destinies, with more hardship, more pain, more hike in prices of good and services, more increasement in fuel pump price etc. 2023 is around the corner, its either we learn to differentiate the wolf in sheep clothing or we may remain doom forever. Vote for real humanitarians who have genuine love for the country, not all these otiose politicians who are capitalist, ready to devour our collective wealth for their personal aggrandizement.

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