The Man, Hon Chief Geoffrey Yilleng

It is true that every generation has it leadership and every season is blessed with people who try to uplift the burden of leadership.

Chief Geofrey Yilleng, is an individual amongst few blessed with an inbuilt capacity to ease the depriving situation of people around him.

Hails from Tigya Dewa in Garram district of Kanke LGA. The first democratically elected deputy chairman of Kanke LGC.
Chief Yilleng, a Teacher by training who later embraced politics as vocation in later life until his present feat. He is liken to be a ‘political tree’ that survived the storm of deforestation and still standing tall providing shed to many. As such, his attitude towards the polity is selfless and people’s centered.

To demonstrate this, he has been a stable politician who remain in the opposition (not even a major opposition party) but have been committed to his party even when enticed by other influential faithfuls of the other major political parties. Despite all odds, he has remained resolute and determined. Hence, not distracted by any financial inducement to selling out his political ideology.

Yilleng remains in his opposition until in 2014 when the wind of change hovered the political atmosphere and his party (ANPP) was coalesced with other opposition parties to form the current APC.
Also, it may interest your curiosity to know that he was a member of the National Merger Committee (the committee that birthed APC) from Plateau state. Thus, is not a misnomer to say he is amongst the few that brought APC to the state. Any version aside this info, is a mere tales to gain cheap political advantage.

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Unfortunately, this sacrifice has not been adequately rewarded. For his current position does not translate the gain of his political struggle for the government of the day (State and National). Though in politics, one needs not to feel highly indignant with the act because not everyone will reap the fruits of their labour and sacrifice. Whichever, the deed have been done and we can only seek for caution next time. No doubt, the man is an Apostle of good luck to many into their political destinies.

Ahead of 2023, the political apostle who have been in the front line for equity, justice and fairness have indicated interest to contest the number one citizen of the state. Beyond any reasonable doubt, if the masses will have their way, this is their 2023 Governor with no further contest. Such an outstanding politician with an inbuilt capacity for humanity. Not moved by money but committed himself to building trust amongst people and leave them to their fate of discretion. Sadly, many have paid back with betrayals and tagged him the bad egg.

Notwithstanding, his political stability still placed him an envious of many.

To the APC family, we wish to remind them that the cow which produced the milk is still tattered in the field (desert) and if we desired a milk factory, we must improve the quality of our treatment to such producer. Those who bring the good news must also take part in its blessings not mere messengers.

Further more about this personality, I won’t forget in a hurry to tell you that his political umbilical cord is implanted to the grass root. As such, he is a core grass root mobiliser who has built tent with the people. Live with them, eats what they eat and his house is opened to everyone. A man that is easily accessible, sociable and place value on every one around him.

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Truly, he remains within the locals and understands the plight of the locals unlike those who just came back to know our problems and pretend to offer help because election is at the corner.

Chief, (a traditional title earned as Turakin Garram) is blessed with a cycle of families, friends, political and biological sons.

In our today’s politics, where the sons of the politicians are kept off politics and cooling off in distant countries waiting for their father’s victory to come and take over political edifices, making the political sons, fighters and enemies of their opponents and subservient to their biological children. A very ugly reality that a lot of us think is a norm.
However, in the case of Chief Yilleng, his biological sons are part of the team and no disparity or preference between them. I think that is the political mind we all have to inculcate. Yes, I tell, such a unique breed of politician.

Leaders who show no disparity or preference are the type the people of Plateau need because it is expected that the number one citizen of a state must be one who have the wellbeing of the citizens at heart and not necessarily the richest who can dash money to win minds.

He may not have the financial muscle to influence things but the people he controls are the greatest assets. Besides, in the word of Chenua Achebe, ” *he who have people is richer than he who have money”.*

Fellow Plateau citizens, this is a new era we must imbibe in our new lifestyles. This is a clarion call on us for attitudinal change. We must stop looking at prospective leaders as only those who can meet our financial cravings because, that has actually been responsible for any form of maladministration in this part of the globe. Therefore, for the protection of our state heritage and integrity, we present to you the candidate of choice comes 2023. He might not have the strength to change your financial affinity related to politics, but we are positive he can guarantee you a sense of humanity. Your value is more than what money can buy. Let’s join hands and promote this humble and noble politician of good will whose time has come.

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Above all, if humanity fails to reward the just, God will orchestrate a system that such will happen. The beacon of Justice shall be the living testament. This is the prescription that shall birth forth the Plateau of our prophesy.

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February, 2022

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