The Link Between Nightclub And Crimes In Nigeria

By Infopration

In places like Lagos and Port-Harcourt in Nigeria, people attend nightclubs to relax and meet friends and colleagues to lessen the stress associated with daily working activities. However, a research shows that people who regularly visit nightclubs are victims of at least three times more violent crime than those who don’t go out.

According to the latest crime statistics, Nigeria recorded a total of 24,025 assault and 3,219 murder cases in 2017. Despite high assaults cases during the year, Infoprations found that Nigerians’ interest in understanding nightclub connected with the cases negatively. A 3.5% reduction in the knowledge sought on nightclub was discovered. Analysis adds that nightclub had positive connection with murder cases during the year. This indicates that one percentage increase in the knowledge sought on nightclub increases murder cases by 12.5%.
These insights indicate that Nigerian government and nightclub owners need to provide adequate security, especially in locations prone to violent crimes in the country.

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