The Journey To My Dream

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Oh, on the way I lost my dead country,
I sing, I preach it, like the voice of a thousand words.
The story of the untruth magnifies,
The fabrications of the pleasant delusion increases.
For we, the greatness seekers;
We got no leisure hour for relaxation.
Until the faultless authority rambled into the house of power.
Obstruction for enigmatic administration is welcomed.

Sadness in our souls,
Every fictional story passed by unopposed.
With his usual crestfallen tale.
This accident affects the majority.
The delights lure peaceful activity of the minority,
Our nation is not safe from the hazardous mess of the insecurity
No man rules forever on the throne’ of time,
On the throne of the unperformed,
Who is supposed to be crowned the champion .

Ability to feel,
The same ability to express one’s mind.
Ability to see,
The same ability to imagine imagery of abnormalities.
The bad workmanship will always blame his tools
For his unproductivity.
Rightful preparation emerges from an up-rise decision.
Sleep not, for our time has not been given to us to triumph.
Liberation, the only key for our resolution.
Then I woke up!

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