The “Intellectuals” Shun Religious Discussions/Debates Because….

By Mubarak Ibrahim Lawan

1. Religion is a secondary or private issue in the western world and so the westernized persons here shun it. Either because they feel so hubristic to involve themselves in such a “lowly” discussion or are afraid of being labelled extremists by their colleagues who could bring some fortune to their doorstep someday.

2. They do not live in ghettoes, barely listen to religious programmes in the radio or watch them on television and so never know how practically sacred religion is to people.

3. Some of them know barely nothing about religion or know nothing about the bone of contention at a given time. Hence they hide under the umbrella of neutrality or aloofness.

4. Some are protecting their respect for the fact that there are unruly, emotionally temperamental young men here who never mince their words when talking to elders and respectful persons. These have genuine reason!

5. The last category is that which consists of Boko Aqeeda intellectuals. They are always against the religion or never in the same boat with salafists, the ever-tireless contributors to religious debates on and off social media. To this group, the salafists are extremists who practice the orthodox Islam that, in their opinion, loses currency today.

In my opinion, if you truly believe that we will be resurrected, do what you can do for the religion today to save yourself the shame of tomorrow, even if you risk being “shamed” today by men.

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